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The essential activities of the organization are undertaken by the Commissions. They work in the following fields:

OISTAT Education exists to facilitate international dialogue in the field of scenography, design for performance and theatre technology education and to foster quality, innovation and mobility.

OISTAT Architecture exists to facilitate communication and understanding about theatre buildings among architects, scenographers and technicians worldwide. The commission provides for professional growth, develops projects and exchanges of ideas. It meets and works in order to exchange knowledge about theatre architecture and about all technical and scenographic areas related to theatre.

Performance Design
Designing is thinking. The mission of the Performance Design (formerly known as Scenography), is to exchange thoughts, ideas and visions among young and experienced professionals worldwide. This includes all aspects of the performance design and live art: space, set, costumes, lighting, and sound and music composition. Performance Design includes active working groups for costume, lighting and sound design.

Costume Design Sub-commission    

Costume Design sub-commission falls within the Performance Design of OISTAT. The huge task of disseminating information has prompted the members of the Costume Sub-commission to create resources on a website. It is an ongoing resource for all.

Sound Design Sub-commission
Sound Design sub-commission was established in Bregenz Austria in 2000 and falls within Performance Design of OISTAT, but also works very closely with the OISTAT Education in the production of Scenofest at the PQ (Prague Quadrennial).

Lighting Design Sub-commission
Lighting Design sub-commission is the representative in the Performance Design of OISTAT to promote issues of lighting design, initiate projects and organize meetings, seminars, workshops, lectures and presentations for international professionals and students in the theatre. It is important to understand the practice and the variety caused by cultural differences, not to equalize the differences but to understand and respect these and to unite people in their cultural differences.

Space Design Group
This new working group provides a forum for performance designers interested in spatial thinking as it relates to place, body, object, light, sound and media. The Space Design sub-commission serves as a conduit of communication, a touchpoint for activity, and a facilitator of creativity for the community of international scenographers, scenic designers, and other designers of performance space

Technology is not possible without skilled people, creativity, theatre buildings, communication and reflection to the past. It is our hope that through collaborations with commissions and individuals, for the knowledge to grow into a useful communication instrument for theatre technicians all over the world.

OISTAT Research, formerly known as History and Theory, encourages OISTAT members and related groups and individuals to engage with the theoretical and historical aspects of theatre scenography, architecture and technologies.

Theatre Timeline Sub-commission
Theatre Timeline Working Group is a recent OISTAT sub-commission, working across Research, Technology and Education Commissions, that aims are to provide a focus for interest and projects in historical theatres, theatre practice and technologies, to foster better general understanding of older theatre technologies, international exchange of information, and guidance on recording and preservation.


Publication & Communication
Publication & Communication is strongly committed to conceiving international forums for display and promotion of the publishing industry dedicated to theatre design, production and technology. It is a shared belief that the 21st century demands innovative ways of exchange of professional information.

Executive Committee and Governing Board (EC/GB)
The activities of OISTAT are coordinated by the Governing Board (GB) and its Executive Committee (EC). The Executive Committee consists of eight elected members including the President, elected at the congress. The Governing Board consists of the EC plus the elected chairs of the commissions and sub-commissions.

The effectiveness of the organization also depends on the support from administrative headquarters, of which is currently financed by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture. Headquarters is responsible for the operation of the organization, and is currently located in Taipei, Taiwan.