Affiliated Organizations


1. SIBMAS-IFTR Bulletion

This SIBMAS / IFTR online Bulletin is the result of a joint initiative, supported by both founding organisations, SIBMAS (Société Internationale des Bibliothèques et Musées des Arts du Spectacle) and IFTR (International Federation of Theatre Research). The bulletin’s aim is to create a reliable and regularly updated forum of information for professionals involved in performing arts research and documentation. The different sections provide essential information about conferences, symposia, exhibitions, new publications including audiovisual and online publications research projects, scholarships and other important events and activities. Announcements are welcomed and published by the Bulletin editor Cordula Treml (Germany) -

2. ITI-International Theatre Institute

The International Theatre Institute (ITI), an international non-governmental organization (NGO) was founded in Prague in 1948 by UNESCO and the international theatre community. A worldwide network, ITI aims "to promote international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre arts (drama, dance, music, theatre) in order to consolidate peace and solidarity between peoples, to deepen mutual understanding and  increase creative co-operation between all people in the theatre arts".

3. Theatre Without Borders

TWB is an international virtual community began its evolution in November 2003. It comprised of individual volunteers who meet irregularly and communicate primarily through the internet and our website. Ideas are generated and then implemented by the group. We started with a need, not a plan and we exist in our actions to respond to that need. Our purpose is "Conversation", "Hospitality" and "Information Sharing". We welcome professionals, academics, amateurs, artists working in countries where there is no such thing as a professional theatre community and students.

4. On-The-Move

on-the-move  is a web site dedicated to information about professional mobility in the areas of theatre, dance, music and other performing arts disciplines.
Many sources of information and grant programs exist - and they constantly change.
on-the-move  helps performing arts, music professionals and arts operators to search for information and funding for their international activities.

*This section is still under development.