Criteria & Benefits


Privileges of Centre Member

  • An OISTAT Centre can nominate one of their members as a candidate for President, the Executive Committee, the Chair of a Commission or Working Group, and/or a voting delegate to the OISTAT World Congress.
  • An OISTAT Centre can appoint a voting delegate to each of the Commissions and Working Groups.
  • OISTAT Centre member can participate in OISTAT activities as delegate to Commission meetings, be nominated for positions on the Executive Committee, be appointed by their Centre as its voting delegate to the OISTAT Congress, or be a non-voting attendee at any OISTAT events, including Commission meetings, Congresses, exhibitions, and seminars.
  • OISTAT Centre members can be elected to chair a Commission or a Working Group.
  • OISTAT Centre members can be a presenter at a Congress, Commission meeting or at Scenofest.
  • Members of OISTAT Centres are also members of OISTAT.


Benefits of Centre Member

  • Centres where there is active participation in OISTAT activities by its members gain an acknowledged place on international forums and their members gain information and opportunities to interact, network, and work with colleagues from throughout the world.
  • OISTAT activities provide Centre members with the opportunity to compare methodologies, practices, regulations, and techniques with those of other cultures, traditions, regions, and technologies. Centres are encouraged to announce their activities to all OISTAT members.
  • Centres are called upon to regularly host Commission, Governing Board or Executive Committee meetings. These meetings provide the Centre with the opportunity to draw upon the expertise of their professional guests to provide seminars or discussions on topics of particular interest to their own audience.
  • All Centre activities are enriched by the Centre’s participation with other Centres, through OISTAT.


Requirements of Centre Member

  • An OISTAT Centre must have a legal form, preferably an association.
  • Each OISTAT Centre should create an organisational structure and hold meetings of its members.
  • Each OISTAT Centre should form a democratic structure with all officers and representatives offering themselves for re-election on a regular basis and in such a manner as may be deemed suitable by their membership.
  • Each OISTAT Centre is normally comprised of representatives of the different disciplines within OISTAT, and will elect delegates to further the work in those disciplines within OISTAT.
  • OISTAT and its OISTAT Centres should enter into contacts of friendship, co-operation and co-ordination with other international organisations belonging to related disciplines.
  • There may be more than one OISTAT Centre in a country.


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