Apply for Centre Membership


  • Organisations working in one or more disciplines may apply to become Centre members of OISTAT by presenting their application to the Executive Committee ( and adherence to the OISTAT Statutes.
  • The application should include
    1. application form
    2. letter of Intent to describe the purpose/future aim
    3. Organisation Profile including mission, structure, membership, principal activity and work 
    4. a copy of the statutes
  • The Executive Committee will assess whether persons in that country who are active within the disciplines of OISTAT can, under the articles of association of that organisation, freely become members of the organisation.
  • The Executive Committee will assess the ability of that organisation to host international meetings (see Statutes - Appendix 3).
  • The Executive Committee may grant a successful applicant Candidate status.
  • Unsuccessful applicant Centres may appeal directly to the subsequent Congress. The Congress will determine the success of a candidate’s application for membership.
  • The Congress shall decide whether a Candidate Centre will be granted permanent membership.



In the case of being the second OISTAT Centre in one region, please include the following info:

  • The awareness and support of existing OISTAT Centre in your country.
  • How do you view the relation to the existing Centre and how your relation will benefit the goal of OISTAT.


      Click here to download the Application Form

      Click here to download the chart for application process

      Click here to download the Membership Package



       Last Update: 7/18/2019