Criteria & Benefits




  • Faculty and students of Associate member institution and employees of companies are also members of OISTAT.
  • Associate members may participate in OISTAT activities.
  • Associate members may send delegates to participate in Commissions, Working Group meetings, and the activities of the Congress.
  • Associate member delegates can be presenters at Commission or Working Group meetings or the OISTAT World Congress. 
  • Associate member delegates are expected to exercise their voting right at the elections for the OISTAT President and Executive Committee. Each Associate member has 1/10 of a vote.



  • Associate members, and their delegates, who participate in OISTAT activities will gain an acknowledged place on international forums as well as the opportunity to share information, network, and collaborate with colleagues from countries and disciplines.
  • Associate members have a unique position in OISTAT. Their support of OISTAT takes in several forms:
    1. An Associate member is participating with professionals from other countries who want to know more about innovative practices, new technologies and practices, and who stand to benefit from the knowledge the Associate member has to offer. Likewise, the Associate member gains an opportunity to better understand the needs of OISTAT members from other cultures and regions of the world.
    2. An Associate member can provide financial support to OISTAT. The member’s logo and details of the organisation’s services will be a published on OISTAT’s websites and promotional materials. Associate member delegates in Commission, Working Group, and other committees and projects will be identified as being from the Associate Member’s organisation.
    3. Associate members are called upon to be closely involved in the planning and implementation of Scenofest. 



  • An organisation wishing to become an Associate member must demonstrate that its principal activity or core business is directly related to one or more of the disciplines of OISTAT (See OISTAT Commissions pp3).
  • An Educational Institution or Training School must provide details about its curriculum and placement of graduates from their program.
  • Manufacturers, distributors, architects, consultants, and publishers must provide details about the geographic scope of their work or sales.


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