Apply for Associate Membership


  • An organisation wishing to become an Associate member of OISTAT must apply to the Executive Committee by sending their application to OISTAT Headquarters (
  •  The application should include
    1. application form
    2. letter of intent to describe the purpose and aims
    3. organisation profile
  • An organisation wishing to become an Associate member must demonstrate that its principal activity or core business is directly related to one or more of the disciplines of OISTAT (see OISTAT Commissions pp 3).
  • An Educational Institution or Training School must provide details about its curriculum and placement of graduates from the program.
  • Manufacturers, distributors, Architects, Consultants, and Publishers must provide details about the geographic scope of their work and /or sales.
  • The Executive Committee is empowered to grant Associate member status.


      Click here to download the Application Form 

      Click here to download the chart for application process

      Click here to download the Membership Package



     Last update: 7/18/2019