Criteria & Benefits



  • An Individual member is encouraged to participate in all OISTAT activities.
  • An Individual member can be elected to chair a Commission or Working Group.
  • An Individual member can be active in any commission, and is entitled to vote.
  • An Individual member can be a presenter at a Congress, Commission meeting or Scenofest.
  • An Individual member is expected to exercise their voting right at the elections for the OISTAT President and Executive Committee. Each Individual member has 1/10 of a vote.
  • An Individual member can receive latest organisation information directly from OISTAT.



  • Individual members who actively participate in OISTAT activities will gain an acknowledged place on international forums and the opportunity to share information, network, and collaborate with colleagues from throughout the world.
  • They will become international networking facilitators within their own professional community. They will be able to help their own colleagues and work toward the development of an OISTAT Centre in their country. Individual members are provided with an opportunity to compare methodologies, practices, regulations, and techniques with those of other cultures, traditions, regions, and technologies.
  • By hosting OISTAT meetings, it provides a unique opportunity to draw upon the expertise of their professional guests to provide seminars or discussions on topics of particular interest to their own audience. These kinds of activities provide exceptional visibility to the Individual Member’s efforts to develop a Centre and the professional stature of OISTAT and its activities.



  • An Individual member must work in one of OISTAT’s disciplines (see Commissions).
  • An Individual member must endeavour actively to participate in the work of an OISTAT Commission.
  • Individual members of different disciplines are encouraged to meet and to form a professional organisation that may become an OISTAT Centre.


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