February 7, 2005


OISTAT World Congress- March 13-15, 2005

The Congress is nearly upon us. This Congress promises to be one that marks a bright and prosperous future for OISTAT. The Congress programme features a Keynote Address from theatre visionary Jean Guy Lecat, to see the full programme:Click Here .

Sunday, March 13th will be devoted to unofficial meetings of the commissions. Invitations and information on these meetings can be found here: History and Theory Commission Publication and Communication Commission

Also on Sunday, March 13th there will be a Membership Orientation Session, Executive Committee member Karin Winkelsesser will provide information on the working structure of the organization, voting procedures etc. This session is open to all members especially new members, as well as individuals from countries where there are currently no OISTAT centres.

The OISTAT Congress working session will take place on Monday, March 14th. There is a great deal of business to take care of in a limited span of time, so it is important that the voting delegates are well prepared.

The Agenda includes:

Proposed New Statutes

Peter McKinnon has written an overview on the proposed changes to the Statues, to read this: Click Here.
The proposed changes to the statutes were sent with the Congress invite, if you need a copy it can be Found Here.

The election of the President

The two candidates are current President Maija Pekkanen, Finland and former Chair of the Education Commission Michael Ramsaur, USA. To read their biographies and vision for the future of OISTAT Click Here.

The election of the Executive Committee

The candidates are: SungChul Kim, Korea; Leon Brauner; USA; Martin Godfrey, UK; Peter McKinnon, Canada; Simona Rybakova, Czech Republic; Wei-Wen Chang, Taiwan; Henk van der Geest, the Netherlands; Jerome Maecklbergh, Belgium; Kustav Agu Puuman, Estonia; Cai Tiliang, China. To read their biographies and view of OISTAT and the role they would like to have in the organisation Click Here.


An exciting part of the OISTAT World Congress is the inaugural World Stage Design 2005. The extraordinary work of WSD Director Eric Fielding and his staff of volunteers will provide a whole new dimention to our meetings. Plan on time to visit the Exhibit during the Congress.

DESIGNERS EXHIBITING IN WSD 2005 DIGITAL EXHIBIT: To see a list of the designers whose work will be included in the WSD Digital Exhibit, Click Here

DESIGNERS EXHIBITING IN WSD 2005 GALLERY EXHIBIT: To see a list of the designers whose work will be included in the WSD Gallery Exhibit, Click Here

Governing Board and Architecture Commission meeting Yi-Lan County, Taiwan

The Governing Board and Architecture Competition held very successful meetings at the Centre for Traditional Arts in Yi-Lan County, Taiwan from September 30 to October 4th 2004. TATT planned an extraordinary programme which concluded with all the delegates releasing sky lanterns carrying all our blessings to the sky. The report of the Architecture Commission Taiwan meeting [download] , and the synopsis of the Governing Board meeting .

Minutes of the Education Commission Meeting Istanbul, Turkey

The Education Commission met from November 3-9, 2004 in Istanbul and Izmir Turkey. The two main topics for the meetings were: “Stage Design Education in Turkey and in the World” and “Lighting Design and Lighting Design Education” Marina Raytchinova was elected as the new Chair of the Commission. The minutes of the meeting can be found