2018 Executive Committee Meeting Report

May 15, 2018

On April 2-4, OISTAT Executive Committee had its EC meeting at Sharm El Sheikh International Theater Festival for Youth (SITFY) in Egypt. Thanks to Mr. Mazen Al-Gharabawy, the President of SITFY who invited OISTAT as the guests of SITFY. EC member Kevin Rigdon was invited to be the jury member of the SITFY. The EC members participated in a Q&A session, discussing OISTAT, and the work that OISTAT members engage in. EC members Marina Raychinova and Kevin Rigdon shared their design work in another session. This is the second time that OISTAT Executive Committee set its foot in Egypt, first was in 2012 in Cairo.

OISTAT Executive Committee met with the Minister of Culture of Egypt, Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem to talk about future possible collaborations. EC members also met with representatives of Arab Theatre Institute, expanding OISTAT’s network to Arabic-speaking countries.

At EC meeting, EC member reviewed the membership growth, financial report and projects. Membership is the core of OISTAT’s development. “How to better connect with our global members” is the key topic of each EC meeting. Marina Raytchinova, Ivo Kersmaekers and Kevin Rigdon formed membership development committee for future membership strategies.

World Stage Design 2021 and OISTAT activities in PQ’19 are two major topics. Kevin Rigdon, Sean Crowley and HQ were appointed to be WSD2021 advisory group which will work together with the hosts of WSD2021 to make sure that the experience of previous WSD will be passed on to future ones.  

Executive Committee, elected at the OISTAT Congress every four years, is the board of OISTAT. EC meetings is held twice a year at different cities. The first EC meeting is in February /March, the second meeting is in September/October with Governing Board.