1. What is OISTAT?
OISTAT stands for the International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians. It is one of the largest and most authoritative non-governmental organizations in the global theatre field.

2. What is OISTAT's mission?
OISTAT is committed to providing a platform for cross-border exchange to facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas, promote international professional collaboration in theatre, encourage mutual exchange and lifelong learning among theatre practitioners, and respect the similarities and differences between different cultural backgrounds.

3. What types of members does OISTAT primarily include?
OISTAT consists of members from around the world, including theatre designers, theatre architects, theatre technicians, as well as educators, academic researchers, and arts managers.

4. How can OISTAT members participate in the organization's operations?
OISTAT members can participate in the organization's operations by attending the World Congress, joining the Executive Committee or the Governing Board, and participating in activities organized by professional commissions and sub-commissions.

5. What are some of OISTAT's project activities?
OISTAT's project activities include the World Stage Design (WSD), Scenofest, the Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC), the Theatre Innovation Prize (TIP), and regional theatre design forums such as SENA. These activities aim to create a global platform for theatre design exchange and promote cultural exchange and cooperation among theatre practitioners from different countries and regions.

6. How does OISTAT operate?
OISTAT's organizational structure includes the World Congress, the Executive Committee, the Governing Board, the headquarters, as well as professional committees and working groups, each with different responsibilities and functions.

7. How can one become an OISTAT member?
You can apply to become a Centre Member, Associate Member, or Individual Member by sending an email to headquarters@oistat.org. Please refer to this document for the application process and required documents.

Centre Member (€500 / year)
Representative private professional theatre organizations in various regions, serving members including theatre designers, architects, technicians, educators, historians, theorists, etc. Each Centre Member has one vote in the elections and voting.

Associate Member (€250 / year)
Professional institutions or organizations related to performing arts production and performance, including equipment companies, performing groups, architectural design companies, theatre departments in schools, etc. Each Associate Member has one-tenth of a vote  in the elections and voting.

Individual Member (€50 / year)
ndividuals who are active professionals in any of the disciplines served by OISTAT. Each Individual Member has one-tenth of a vote in the elections and voting.

8. How can I stay updated on OISTAT-related news?
You can subscribe to our newsletters in Mandarin or English for firsthand information, or follow our social media account on Facebook @oistat .