OISTAT World Congress in World Stage Design 2017

Feb 9, 2017

February 9, 2017
Update on June 3, 2017

OISTAT World Congress - World Stage Design 2017
July 1-9, 2017
Taipei, Taiwan

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the OISTAT World Congress and World Stage Design July 1-9, 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.

This year at World Congress, we will be electing a new OISTAT President and seven Executive Committee members (Candidate slate). OISTAT World Congress is a rare occasion where theatre professionals gather together to share ideas. Your presence is essential in shaping the future and overseeing the development of the organization.

Eligibility to Vote
May we remind you that members who fail to pay membership dues in full will not be eligible to vote at World Congress or be hosted at OISTAT meetings.

According to Article IX of OISTAT Statutes:

  1. The voting members are the officially nominated delegates of each OISTAT Centre,who must be present to vote. An OISTAT Centre that has failed to pay its annual membership fee for two years will not be able to vote.
  2. Each OISTAT Centre has only one vote. 
  3. Individual Members may also vote, although each individual member’s vote shallhave the value of 1/10 of a full vote. An Individual Member that has failed to pay his/her annual membership fee for the previous four years, or since membership was granted, will not be able to vote.


The WSD2017 organizers provide 7 nights of shared twin room for each voting delegate of OISTAT Centre, Executive Committee, Governing Board, Presidential candidates, Executive Committee candidates and the Headquarters from June 30 (check-in date) to July 7 (check-out date). The information of accommodation is attached.

WSD2017 also provides booking service for OISTAT members who are not voting delegates. All room would be assigned and arranged by WSD2017 team.

You must fill out the registration form (https://goo.gl/forms/Yshn6nyAb4BZvZ8O2) if you:

  1. Wish to attend OISTAT World Congress (July 3-4) 
  2. Wish to book your accommodation via WSD2017 team. (Information of Accommodation) (The accommodation booking service via WSD2017 team was closed on June 2, 2017. More hotel information. )

If you have any special requirement, please note in the registration form.

Upon receiving your information, WSD2017 team will confirm with you by email before the end of March, 2017. 

If you have questions regarding accommodation, please contact WSD2017 at info@wsd2017.com. Other questions, please contact headquarters@oistat.org
We look forward to meeting you in Taipei.


Wan-Jung Wei 
General Manager 

2017 World Congress Meeting book
Updated on June 16, 2017