Project|ISP International Standards Project

Nov 1, 2021

The core objective of this project is to collect worldwide data of technical standards pertaining to the performing arts and to provide a database of the results. We expanded the objectives towards a more proactive and practical guide that can be used by all theater technicians and festival/event planners.

Our intention is to have a global impact: performances are touring internationally, theatre schools and industry associations are networking across borders and stage technology companies are working worldwide. The request for know-how, adaptation of solutions to local needs and knowledge of local law, regulations and standards is rising. 
There are a lot of artistic activity around the world and not every region has regulations or guidelines that help to assure a safe and efficient performance or festival. People in these areas are eager to receive the knowledge they need.
The fundamental right to personal freedom and safety as well as the right to participate in cultural life (UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948) form the basis of both, visitor security and safety on stage. 

The first goal of the International Standards Project (ISP) is to learn more about the existing standards and regulations in OISTAT member countries and to get a collection of them. This includes research for the standardization organizations as BSI, SIS, DIN, CEN, ISO, national health, building and fire authorities as well as professional institutions like ABTT, USITT, STEP, DTHG etc. To collect this valuable knowledge, an online survey supported by OISTAT TC members has been developed and the beta test of the survey has been completed, including adaptations based on feedback. The survey be launched and spread within the OISTAT network. 

a database of existing standards and regulations is very helpful beyond the artists, technicians and companies working abroad. Possible synergies may also be achieved by giving advice to standardization organizations, authorities, and practitioners. Therefore, the next step is to provide this information to all OISTAT members and member countries by establishing a public database on the OISTAT website. 

The next target focuses on practical guidelines. These guidelines should be applicable worldwide by every technician and planner and help to minimize all risks with the help of safety measurements for all kinds of performances and events. The necessary safety measurements must constantly be reevaluated and implemented for every format and event for purposes of the safe execution of a performance.

ISP Objectives:

Did we capture your spirit or raise your interest? We are looking for motivated participants, please join our Team and mail us at isp@oistat.org. We are looking forward to hearing from you!