Costume Design Sub-commission

Minutes of OISTAT Costume Design Sub-commission Meeting March 8, 2022

Mar 16, 2022

Date: March 8, 2022 – 2nd International Women’s Day Meeting
Format: Zoom
Chair: Simona Rybáková (Czech Republic)
Vice Chairs: Rosane Muniz (Brazil) and Sofia Pantouvaki (Greece/Finland)
Minutes: Margaret Mitchell (USA)

In the meeting (26 members): Aby Cohen, Anat Mesner, Antoaneta Tica, Carolina Jimenez, Estela Fagoaga, Fruzsina Nagy, Laura Crow, Lise Klitten, Maarit Kalmakurki, Mariaelena Roqué, Margaret Mitchell, Marina Raytchinova, Michele Dormaier, Naďa Šimunová, Nadia Malik, Nermine Said, Rosane Muniz, Sabine Snijders, Sabrina Notarfrancisco, Sandy Bonds, Sara Salomon, Sarah Mosher, Simona Rybáková, Sofia Pantouvaki, Wei-Ping Chen, Zuzu Hudek

Simona opened the meeting, welcomed everyone and expressed the pleasure at holding the first meeting of the year on Women’s Day, as in 2021, turning this celebration into an official meeting day for the Costume Sub-Commission.

Shortly afterwards, Simona, as Chair of the group, gave the floor to the OISTAT President. Aby Cohen greeted everyone and communicated that the organization will decide about its position with the Russian institutions and individual professionals. She informed that because of the situation with the war in Ukraine, the Prague Quadrennial decided to cancel the Russian national representations (on the Countries and Regions, Student’s and Fragments II Exhibitions) on the next event, in 2023, and Simona called attention that PQ kept the individual Russian participations in other sections of PQ23. Then, Aby informed that an OISTAT Executive Committee (EC) meeting would be held in the following week and she expects a statement on behalf of OISTAT to be communicated soon on this topic.


OISTAT meetings - May 11-13
Costume exhibition - May 11 - June 12

Carolina Jimenez, from Mexico, presented the general schedule with reports on the meetings and activities. The entire schedule of the event will be posted on Basecamp.

About the program of the OISTAT Costume Sub-commission conference

Accommodation Discussion:
A list of possible accommodations in Mexico was disseminated to exhibitors. Simona asked for recommendations from the Mexican organizers, and stated it would be positive if we were all together. Estela is looking into the possibilities and asked us to contact her before we make final accommodation arrangements. The PDC/C leadership will discuss with the Mexican organizers to consult about accommodation.

The members will wait for further information regarding accommodation.

Issues about a hybrid (combined physical and virtual) format:
Sofia and Simona asked Estella and Carolina if the Mexican meetings and panels could be live and virtual, to allow members to attend even if they can’t travel to Mexico. At this point the Mexican organizers do not know because of unreliable internet connections. Simona asked Wei-Ping if HQ can provide technical help on the issue. Wei-Ping answered positively regarding providing Zoom links for the sessions, but the Mexican organizers will confirm about the internet connections on the venue of the conference. The PDC/C leadership will organize with the Mexican organizers a test hybrid session to consider whether this option is feasible.

Other miscellaneous logistical issues:



All workshops and exhibitors have been chosen.

Laura Crow, from the USA, informed us she was with April Viczko(WSD project leader in Canada) a few days ago and she reported only 60 people have registered until now. Hopefully there will be more registrations soon.

The cost of registration is 120 Canadian dollars; however, OISTAT members may use a code (oistatness) and receive 20 Canadian dollars off. The registration website is: https://web-eur.cvent.com/event/a9dcf38e-687d-4ef1-8106-29f6223c3fd4/regProcessStep1?environment=production-eu

Please be aware of the visa and passport processes to travel to Canada. In some countries Visa applications are slow to process. Organizers are happy to write formal letters if a letter of invitation will aid the visa process. Contact April Viczko if a letter is needed: april.viczko@gmail.com

There is inexpensive accommodation offered and the tips are available on the WSD website.


Costume Workshops:
Laura Crow asked for collaborators and contributors for The Mask Workshop. The idea is to create three giant mountains of artistic panels displaying pandemic masks. The intent is a visual emotional response to the pandemic.

Each person (or group) is to make a soft mask presentation on a 3 X 3 meter panel that must allow wind to move through it. The base panel must also be made of a material that allows wind to go through. The intent is to have an indigenous performance with lantern puppets around the mask landscape.

A documentary film will be made about the project/ workshop and people will be interviewed about their responses to the pandemic.

Students are encouraged to participate. Laura offered to write letters of invitation. The dates of the actual workshop are pending. Contact Laura Crow if you wish to participate. laura.crow.usa@gmail.com


"Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) and Prague Quadrennial decided to react to the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The PQ 2023 team will not include the Russian representation in their main exhibition entries (Exhibition of Countries and Regions, Student Exhibition and Fragments). All the other open calls remain open for Russian individual artists and artistic collectives and they can participate on PQ 2023 via the remaining curated projects."

Panels and Workshops:
ise asked if there will be a costume focused exhibition or event Like Extreme costume exhibition 2011 for example. Simona stated there are many open calls where costume topics can be proposed and it’s up to all members to send a proposal for workshops (for example at PQ Studio) or for a panel (for example at PQ Talks). The final selection will be done by the specific section’s PQ curator. Rosane clarified that costume panels and events need to be submitted to individual curators, and if a panel is accepted, more collaborators may be invited.

Deadline for submission:
Open call for PQ Studio (for workshops, masterclasses, etc):
Deadline 31 May 2022

Other PQ 23 Deadlines:
Performance Space Exhibition –30/04/2022
PQ Talks –31/06/2022
Best Publication –31/10/2022
PQ Studio (Workshops and Masterclasses) – 31/05/2022
PQ Studio (Festival) – 31/05/2022


Sofia Pantouvaki stated that the next Critical Costume conference will be held virtually November 17-20, 2022. It will be hosted on three continents: Australia, South America (Brazil)
and Europe (Finland). The live sessions will go around the clock during daytime (worktime) of each region.


WSD 2025

WSD2025 will be held in an Arab country for the first time. The conference will be held at the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy in the UAE. There are plans to offer free accommodation to participants. Travel related guidelines are forthcoming. Participants must understand local laws.


Mariaelena Roque, from Spain, announced she must step down from her leadership role in Spain for personal reasons, but she is not leaving the Sub-Commission. Elisa Sanz with her collaborator, Berta Navas, will take over in Madrid.

Simona adjourned the meeting.

Download the Meeting Minutes in PDF