Costume Design Sub-commission

Call for Candidates for the Chair of OISTAT Costume Design Sub-Commission

Dec 9, 2022

Dear Colleagues, 

The Chair Election of OISTAT Costume Design sub-commission will be held at Costume Design sub-commission meeting during OISTAT Hub event in Prague, Czech Republic in 2023.


The Costume Design sub-commission is the sub-commission of OISTAT Performance Design which promotes the field of costume and disseminates information about the art and practice of costume design.

The sub-commission is a non-profit international platform for costume professionals from all over the world, connecting individuals as well as national or regional organizations of costume designers, scholars, and technicians. The aim is to share knowledge, exchange ideas, inform on artistic practice, develop research, and motivate creative and critical discourse on costume related issues within the widest possible range of costume practitioners and researchers around the world. Individual members, guests and interested parties are also welcome to participate in meetings and projects.

We would like to thank the current Chair Simona Rybáková, Vice Chairs Sofia Pantouvaki and Rosane Muniz for their achievement and commitment that opened up various possibilities for OISTAT Costume Design sub-commission. We hope that the succeeding Chair will lead OISTAT Costume Design sub-commission in the following four years with equal success.  

The call for candidates is now open. OISTAT Centres, Associate Members, Individual Members, and OISTAT Members that are considered Active Members of Costume Design Sub-commission are encouraged to send nominations to Headquarters at headquarters@oistat.org no later than February 9, 2023.

The Candidate nominations from OISTAT Centres and Associate Members should include a letter of nomination from the OISTAT Centre or the OISTAT Associate Member, the candidate’s CV and the candidate’s statement of intent. Nominations from Individual Members should include a letter of nomination from the nominator, the candidate’s CV and the candidate’s statement of intent

The Chair of OISTAT Costume Design is a member of OISTAT Governing Board (GB). Governing Board members shall work under the auspices of the Congress and not as representatives of their OISTAT Centres and shall meet with Executive Committee at least once a year, not including its meeting at the Congress. The Chair of OISTAT Costume Design shall also organize sub-commission meetings at least once a year to discuss projects, sub-commission affairs and collaborations with other commissions/sub-commissions. 

According to OISTAT Statutes, an Active Member of a sub-commission should be in anyway a member of OISTAT. Each sub-commission may add additional criteria on the qualification of active member.   

The criterion of active member in Costume Design sub-commission is to consider the OISTAT members that were present in at least two meetings in the last 10 years.

Guidelines for election of Chairs of Sub-Commissions can be found in OISTAT Statutes-Appendix 2:


A general schedule for elections which ensures continuity and complies with the Statutes shall be made by the Executive Committee.


  1. All members of OISTAT Centres, Individual Members and delegates of Associate Members are eligible to be elected as Chair of a Sub-Commission.
  2. At least six months before a Sub-Commission meeting takes place at which a Chair is to be elected, the EC will ask the OISTAT Centres, Individual Members, Associate Members and other active members of the Sub-Commission to nominate candidates for the post of Chair of the Sub-Commission in question.
  3. The OISTAT Centres, Individual Members, Associate Members and other active members of the Sub-Commission should send names and addresses of possible candidates to the EC within two months.
  4. The EC can appoint one or more persons who will contact the persons in question for further information.
  5. This list will be made public at least two months before the Commission meeting at which the election is to take place.
  6. All active members of the Sub-Commission, who are in any way a member of OISTAT, and attending that Sub-Commission meeting will be entitled to vote.
  7. Every active member of the Sub-Commission, who is in any way member of OISTAT, has a full vote.
  8. The election takes place by secret ballot.
  9. The candidate who has the highest number of votes cast, if these are more than half of the votes cast, will become Chair.
  10. If such a result is not obtained during the first election, then a second election will be held between the two candidates with the highest number of votes. If two candidates have equally received the second highest number of votes, then an election shall first be held between these two candidates.
  11. After the Chair has been elected, one or more Vice-Chairs will be chosen.
  12. Should the Chair resign or otherwise leave office during his/her term of office, the Vice-Chair will hold office until the next scheduled meeting.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your recommendations and nominations. 


Aby Cohen  

Executive Director
Wan-Jung Wei

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