2023 Technology Commission Online Meeting Agenda

Mar 10, 2023

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I. Introductions:

Chair: Loren Schreiber; Vice Chairs: Jay Aranda (Asia); Laura van Haperen (Europe)

Meeting Presenter: JR Norman Luker (he, him) is a Technical Director and Scenic Designer with decades of professional experience in Live Events and Theatre/Film/TV Production. JR is an artist-educator currently on tenure track at Cal State Fullerton as Faculty Technical Director. He is passionate about the rich heritage of Stagecraft and the evolution of entertainment technologies including historic stage machinery, Stage Automation, Theatre/Arena Rigging, Computer Aided Drafting-CAD, Virtual Modeling, VR/AR/XR, Motion Capture, 3d Lidar Scanning, Photogrammetry, Projections, Motion Control Systems, Computer Aided Manufacturing -CAM (3d Printing, 3d Engraving/Laser Cutting, CNC in 2d/3d) as well as the processes for managing technical production.

II. Business:


III. Current Technology Commission Projects:


IV. Ideas for new Commission Projects:

A. Technology Archives Project (TAP). Proposed by Loren Schreiber.
Abstract: As giant LED walls supplant traditional scenery and scenic effects, knowledge of how things were done “back in the day” will be lost. The Technology Commission will propose a specific scenic technique and ask for ways that technique has be addressed around the world. For example: how have technicians around the world created rain effects on stage—with actual water or other methods. Each discreet method will be collated and gathered into an online, searchable archive to provide practical methods for creating the effect     and preserve the history of our technology.

B. Other ideas (brainstorming and list)

C. Potential Cross Commission Collaborations (List)

V. Presentation by JR Norman Luker, “3D Scanning Our Stagecraft Heritage”


VI. Other business?