Event Postponed: Candlelight Conference

Jan 29, 2020

In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the OISTAT and Perspectiv Associations have decided to postpone the Conference by Candlelight, including the workshops, until summer 2021.

Our main concern is the health of our members and colleagues and minimize risks for everyone involved. Since the main purpose of the conference is for specialists from all over the world to meet in person and offering them a chance to study a stage with traditionally painted scenery and period costumes being lit by real candles, we feel this very purpose would be irretrievably lost should the conference be turned into a virtual event.

We will shortly announce new dates for the conference and workshops in 2021 – hoping that by then the closed borders, travel restrictions and social distancing will have gone back to normal.

Main conference 3 days
Workshops before conference 2 - 4 days

An opportunity to consider the qualities, uses and experiences of candlelit performance and its relevance to 21st century theatre. How can we reliably recreate 18th century stage lighting in a time of rapid development of new environmentally friendly and sustainable technology?
Preliminary MAIN conference programme 2021
Conference Hotel:
Hotel Amaranten
Kungsholmsgatan 31
112 27 Stockholm
9:00           Bus from Hotel Amaranten to Drottningholms Slottsteater, Ekerö
9:30            From the lecture program Drottningholms Slottsteater
-                  •  Why reconstruct historic lighting?
13:30          •   The History of stage lighting from beginning to gas
                    •   The Drottningholm Experience: reconstruction of historic stage lighting using electricity
                    •   The Eye and its Perception of Light and Colors
                    •   Guided tours of the Historic Theatre
                        (Lunch and 1 coffee break included in program.)
13:30          Bus from Drottningholm to Hotel Amaranten
                     (Afternoon – free for individual meetings in Perspective, OISTAT) 
19:00          Dinner City Hall, invited by the City of Stockholm 

8:45             Bus from Hotel Amaranten to Confidencen, Ulriksdals Slottsteater, Solna
9:30             From the lecture program Confidencen Ulriksdals Slottsteater
-                •   The Confidencen Experience: reconstruction of historic stage
17:30           lighting using candles
                  •   Experiences from other theatres in Europe using real candles in performances today
                  •   Workshop conclusions: set painting, stage lighting, costumes and make-up – what can we learn fromviewing examples in candlelight and                                electric historical light on the stage in Confidencen?
                  •   Presentation of some of the latest research on reconstructive 18th century lighting
                  •   Lighting companies present technicalsolutions
                  •   Panel discussion: what is the future?
                       (Lunch and 2 coffee breaks included in program)
18:00           Conference dinner
20:00           Bus to Hotel Amaranten

9:00             Bus to Marieferd and the Gripsholm Palace Theatre
10:00           Visit Gripsholm Palace, guided tour of the theatre
12:00           Bus to Hotel Amaranten

(End of conference)
Call For Participation 

An opportunity to consider the qualities, uses and experiences of candlelit performance and its relevance to 21st century theatre. How can we reliably recreate 18th century stage lighting in a time of rapid development of new environmentally friendly and sustainable technology?

We invite international researchers, lighting technology developers, theatre designers and technicians with a passion for historical theatre to come to Stockholm to share knowledge, ideas and experience.

The conference venues in and around Stockholm will include Drottningholm’s 1766 Slottsteater, where the completely original structure includes the lighting installation, and the Confidencen Ulriksdals Slottsteater of 1753 where reconstructed 18th century stage machinery was installed a few years ago. Because Confidencen’s stage machinery has been re-created in modern times, recent productions there have been performed entirely in candlelight, which is world-unique. Most conference sessions will be held in the special atmosphere at Confidencen.

Our conclusions are intended to be of interest to all European historical theatres. Many theatres are changing their lighting equipment to meet new standards, and need advice. These changes mean theatres must comply with new EU rules on more environmentally sustainable lighting. This conference will create opportunities for participants to see how 18th century theatre and performance looked and to consider their relevance and application to present day spaces and performance.

The conference program will be in English and will include:
-     A history of stage light through the ages. A chronological journey!
-     What did we learn from the Drottningholm lighting project of 1999? Decisions in aesthetics and technology.
-     What do we learn from Confidencen today? What unexpected challenges did CEO Fredrik Forslund find in usingcandlelight?
-     What will tomorrow bring? Has the experience of Confidencen changed the way we see re-created historic lighting? The new lighting technologies stimulated by environmental sustainability regulations also bring new challenges: how do they connect with candela, flickering, light color and life span?

We invite papers and presentations that contribute to the discussion of how to re- equip and re-imagine historic theatre spaces and consider themes and issues that could include:
-   The flame and candela
-   The atmospherics of candlelight
-   How audiences experience candlelit space
-   The effect soft candlelight on the ‘event’ of theatre going
-   How actors, musicians, designers and technicians experience working in candlelight.
-   ‘Setting the scene’ and narrative in candlelight
-   Costume and make-up in candlelight.
-   Evaluating, measuring, re-thinking, managing flame-light

Conference contributions may take the form of Papers (max. 3000 words), Powerpoint Presentations of max. 20 slides,

Performance/demonstrations max. length 10minutes. Abstracts and proposals for the above of no more than 300 word

should be submitted to: info@candleightconference@gmail.com

Extended deadline - TBC 

The Review Panel includes: Kate Burnett, MA, Chair of OISTAT Research Commission, Ivo Kersmaekers, member of OISTAT Executive Committee and Timeline Working Group and Asa Tillman, Planning Manager, Drottningholm’s Slottsteater and Vice President of PERSPECTIV.

Particpants will be notified of inclusion by TBC

The conference registration fee is approx. SEK 3000 / 284 Euros (to be finalized) and includes all conference materials, coffee breaks, lunch, dinners and transportation between venues. Discounts are available for students.

Please note that we will not provide any funding for delegates. It is also the responsibility of delegates to arrange their own travel and accommodation to

Stockholm. A link to the chosen conference hotel with a special rate for conference participants will be set out in the conference documents.

The conference is a collaborative event organized by OISTAT – International Organization of Scenographers; Theatre Architects and Technicians; PERSPECTIV – Association of Historic Theatres in Europe; and STTF – Swedish Theatre Technological Association and SLF – Swedish Lighting Society; in collaboration with Confidencen Ulriksdals slottsteater and Drottningholms Slottsteater.

In Summer 2020 a number of practical workshops will be arranged by STTF and OISTAT. Details to be confirmed.

There will be opportunities to give papers and presentations in both the conference and designated OISTAT sessions, as well as time for a Commission business meeting and in these historic spaces.

All enquiries about the event please send to Kate Burnett: AKate.Burnett@gmail.com

Submissions of abstracts and proposals to: info@candleightconference@gmail.com

The conference is a collaborative event arranged by
PERSPECTIV - Association of Historic Theatres in Europe
OISTAT - International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians
STTF - Swedish Association of Stage Technicians
SLF - Swedish Lighting Designers Association
in cooperation with
Confidencen Ulriksdals slottsteater and Drottningholms Slottsteater. 
The conference is supported by the City of Stockholm.