Call for Papers: Wood and Canvas (and Rabbit Glue) in the Modern World

Dec 2, 2013

The OISTAT Architecture and Technology Commissions are pleased to announce a conference called
“Wood and Canvas (and rabbit glue) in the Modern World”
in Antwerp in June of 2014. The theme of the conference is to suggest ideas and methodologies so that old wooden stage machinery can be put to use in modern theatre productions. Rather than seeing this equipment as obsolete and falling completely out of use, we believe that ways can be found to revive these extremely flexible systems. All that we are lacking is creative ideas. Hence this conference.

Wood and Canvas will be both Academic and Practical; each day will include presentations of papers regarding old stage machinery as well as hands-on experience using wooden stage machinery.

June 13th to the 15th 2014
Bourla Theatre, Antwerp
Theatre Royale de la Monnaie, Brussels

If you would like to submit a paper, please let us know before December 31st. You may submit an abstract now or any time up to February 1st.

For more information, visit www.woodandcanvas.info.yorku.ca or contact us at canvas@yorku.ca