OISTAT Technology Commission Excursion to St. Petersburg, Russia, May 29-30, 2016

Feb 18, 2016
Sunday May 29

The Mariinsky Theatre
is a historic theatre of opera and ballet. Opened in 1860, it became the preeminent music theatre of late 19th century Russia. Through most of the Soviet era, it was known as the Kirov Theatre. Today, the Mariinsky Theatre is home to the Mariinsky Ballet, Mariinsky Opera and Mariinsky Orchestra.

The Mariinsky Theatre Second Stage
is the second part of a theatre complex which is made up of the original 1860 Mariinsky Theatre and the 2007 Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall. The theater was built on a surface of 567,700 square foot, has 2000 seats and facilities for 2,500 staff members.

Alexandrinsky theatre
was opened in 1832. Since then, the theatre has occupied an Empire-style building that Carlo Rossi designed. During the season 2005/06 theatre has undergone a general reconstruction, resulting in restoration of the historical image of the building’s interiors and, at the same time, turning into one of the most technically perfect theatre venues.

The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre
forms part of the modern theater complex, which was opened for Alexandrinsky Theatre in 2013, in place of the former workshops in the very heart of St. Petersburg, within a walking distance from the Theatre’s historical building. Main purpose of such extension of the oldest national stage in Russia was to create new, technologically advanced platform for development of the experimental, creative research directions. High-tech transformer stage, professional media center, rehearsal rooms, all these make the New Stage the most attractive venue for filmmakers, musicians, researchers of the innovative technologies in the field of contemporary theater.

 Monday May 30

The Hermitage theatre
In 1783 the architect Giacomo Quarenghi was commissioned by the Empress Catherine II to build the Hermitage Theatre; the construction was completed in 1787. The stage is separated from the hall with a balustrade, behind which there are several rows of benches and two side boxes. The auditorium is Interpreted as an amphitheater with six rows of benches. Since 18th century theatrical performances have become traditional and were a part of many celebrations. Nowadays performances are given in the theatre and the exhibitions are held in its foyer.

The Kamennostrovsky (Kamenny Island) theatre
is the first wooden summer theater in St. Petersburg built in 1827 to a design by Smaragd Shustov in 40 days. It was intended that building would be reliable for at least seven years, however 180 years later it is still in a fine condition.
In 2010, at the International Exhibition of Monuments Denkmal in Leipzig (Germany), held under the auspices of UNESCO, the project Kamennoostrovsky theater adaptation for modern use and it is realization in practice have been awarded the gold medal "For outstanding achievements in the field of heritage protection in Europe".

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