2017 OISTAT Technology Commission Meeting Minutes

Jun 14, 2017

Romana opens the meeting and thanks everyone for attending, and the contributions on yesterday´s meeting in the faculty of the University of Novi Sad. It was very successful and we had a good and interested student audience.
Alexander Yakovlev, Bruno Grösel, Gerry van Hezewyk, Heikki Orn, Ivo Kersmaekers, Laura van Haperen, Pavel Dautovsky, Alina Ilyna, Ulf Nielsen, Loren Schreiber.
Newly attending from Hungary: Zsuzsa Tompai, Adrienn Molnar, Jozsa Anna. Bert Determann (EC)
Guests: Lisanne Stakebrand, Johannes Stakebrand
Regrets: John Mayberry and Andreas Bickel.
1. Approval minutes of the Moscow meeting: all-in favor
2. Approval agenda

3. Update Technical Invention Prize

4. 50 years of OISTAT 2018
 Ivo: a book would be appropriate to celebrate 50 years of OISAT next year and he brought this up at the EC. The EC is very enthusiastic about it, as there were also books on the 30 and 40 years’ anniversary already.

The format could be like the TIP book (OISTAT format). Working groups were asked to put it on the agenda.
Ivo asks for all kinds of ´famous´ OISTAT stories, so that it will not be just an update on the organisation.
This can be all kind of stories, the emphasis would be on good old OISTAT stories, that are getting stronger and stronger over the years by oral transfer.
A suggestion is made to come up with titles of chapters, so that everybody can contribute on a subject easily.
Chapter titles could be for instance:

5. World Stage Design:

6. OISTAT TC meeting 2018 in Vienna
Bruno from ÖTHG invites the TC next year from 28-11-2018 – 01-12-2018
The tentative program will be a Bus trip to Linz and a visit to the Wiener Burg Theater.
7. Closing of meeting
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