2019 OISTAT Technology Commission Meeting Minutes

Oct 7, 2019

14 June 2019 – Alta Space, Prague, Czech Republic

Gabriele Hogg (Chair)
Cat Kerr
Jennifer Ivey
April Viczko
Monique Corbeil
Scott Spidell
Lisa Russel
Masaji Ito
Joaquin Aranda
Jr Norman Luker
Zoltan Egyed
Wan-Jung Wei
Bert Determann
Alphons Uerhallen
Marina Raytchinova
John Mayberry
Pavel Dautovsky
Ivo Kersmaekers
Ulf Nielsen
Alexander Yakovlev
Pu Lin
Lung-Kuei Lin
Cheung Nan Lat
1. Project presentation “Whats´s happening in Europe” from Chris van Goethem (chris.van.goethem@ehb.be), https://www.podiumtechnieken.be/en/ 
    1.1. CANON: technical theatre history project: ERASMUS+ Cooperation Project 2018-2020
A canon of technical theatre history as a textbook and classroom aids for university studies (EQF Level 5+). Aim of the CANON TECHNICAL THEATRE HISTORY is the creation of a textbook and classroom aids for education institutions. According to the European Year of Culture Heritage 2018, the project will investigate the European theatre technology and therefore support the celebration, documentation and promotion.
   1.2. LAAR: Learning analytics in augmented reality – a European funded project with 5 EU countries involved - https://www.competenceanalytics.eu/index.php/en/
   1.3. ESCO: European Skills/competences, qualification and occupation: It is the European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations - https://ec.europa.eu/esco/portal
   1.4. TALQ: / changement a vue / fading lights – for further information contact: https://www.podiumtechnieken.be/en/
   1.5. TeBeVAT: develops tools for recognizing previously acquired competences - https://tebevat.eu
   1.6. ETTE: European theatre technicians education - http://stage-tech-edu.eu
2. Conference by candlelight – planned from 2nd – 6th Sept. 2020, Stockholm, Sweden organized by OISTAT, STTF, Perspective, presented by Ivo Kersmakers:
    The topics are:
    2.1. Difference in candles "what is candlelight"
    2.2. Safety issues
    2.3. Other non-electrical light sources
    2.4. Acting and directing in candlelight.
    2.5. Lighting the set - how do sets look like in candlelight
    2.6. Lighting the actors - what about costumes, make-up, wigs
    2.7. Mimicking candlelight: mimicking one candle vs mimicking the effect of candlelight
    2.8. Existing theatre light fixtures – usability
    2.9. Other useable safe light sources
    Please contact Ivo Kersmakers for any input, ideas, comments, participation: ivokersmaekers@hotmail.com
3. IM / MATERIAL theatre spaces – presentation of the first international AR/VR workshop results and future, a project done by Franziska Ritter (TU-Berlin) and Pablo Dornhege, University of Art, Berlin (UDK) – franziska.ritter@tu-berlin.de // p.dornhege@udk-berlin.de
4. Fundamentals for a safe event – presented by Christian Buschhoff
The idea behind it is the securing of performing art, which is cancelled for reasons of lack of security precautions and thus does not follow the principle of the freedom of art. The project aims to implement a network/data base within OISTAT that can be accessed by anyone who comes into contact with event security and needs support or facts.
Please send your comments, ideas, documents to Christian Buschhoff, since he will establish a dossier in the first phase: buschhoff@xemp.de
5. Open discussion for future plans of TC:
   5.1. TIP 2021: project leader: Loren Schreiber, Laura van Haperen, Jay Aranda
   5.2. ISP – Search for the survey done by Laura van Haperen and Andreas Bickel. Any active input s welcomed
   5.3. Sustainability – due to leakage of time, no project could be presented
   5.4. next possible TC meetings: 2020 Cruiseship location // 2021 WSD Calgary // 2022 – art festival Manila
   5.5. WSD Calgary – please get in contact with the leader team for your ideas comments and participation, please follow up the website on a regulary base: www.WSD2021.ca