2009 OISTAT Technology Commission Meeting Minutes

Jun 17, 2009

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Before the meeting takes place a tour of the theatre is kindly organized by the technical director of the ‘Theater des Westens’. A backstage tour enlightens us on the current show: ‘Der Schuh des Manitu’.

Chair Ivo Kersmaekers welcomes all who are present and thanks our host for this Berlin meeting, Johannes Musch.

Attached is the list of attendees, along with e-mail addresses.

As there was no formal invitation from the German OISTAT-centre, this meeting of the technical Commission in Berlin has the ‘informal’ status. These notes are to be considered as a personal report.

There will be no agenda.

It is stated that the possibility of companies inviting the TC exists.

The September congress in Seoul will be attended by all commissions, but there is no formal invitation. No official meeting will take place there either.

Ivo opens the meeting by asking everybody to introduce ourselves, as there are many present who did not meet before. Ivo informs us on the regrets for this meeting.

Topics are (amongst others)

-     Risk assessment (Ivo has visited Bulgaria and has information on this matter)

-     Joint meeting with the technical commission of Opera Europa: a closed meeting on the 16th and an open meeting on the 17th in one of the meeting rooms during Showtech.

Ivo informs the commission on the objective of the meeting with the technical commission of Opera Europa (TCOE):

There will be introductions, both on the members ass well as the purpose of the TC and TCOE. Ivo will explain what the TC is about and what our activities are. Timo Tuovila, chair of the technical commission of OE, will do so on behalf of TCOE.

Furthermore Ivo poses the hypothetical question if there is too little attention for the TC. Although we have several activities going on and a lot of interactivities between us and other commissions take place, we are in need of a project that can generate more attraction. Our commission has a tendency to be too introvert. Of course there is the Student Exchange Initiative, that starts to work quite well.

With regards to the coming up open meeting with the TCOE: There will be
.formal introductions
.discussions by panelists, with a moderator
.preliminary statements
.the sharing of information

The meeting discusses upon the ‘TIP’. Goal is to present it during the next PQ in June 2011. Therefore it should be launched in September/October 2010

The email address will be: tip@oistat.org

During the OISTAT congress in Seoul in September 2009 it will be presented to the press.

A discussion arises on rules and regulations, generated from the sharing of information about the CEN workshop CWA25 on ‘lifting an load bearing within the entertainment industry and other production areas’.

It is concluded that in our fieldd requirements are defined by the field itself.


The SPP is slowly coming to life. It is not easy to connect receiving parties to people who are willing and able to contribute. Language is an aspect there as well.

The European ‘Leonardo da Vinci project’ (European organization, Italy) is educating grown up professionals. European funds are available for this project.

The Scala Milano (mr. Umberto Bellodi) is the leading party.

Scott Henkels has visited the project. It seems that no progress was made there; however, if USITT will be providing funds, the project can be taken up again.

It is concluded that the TC should look in to these organizations and put up al list of them.

It would be very welcome if there would be a possibility to give momentum to the SPP and raise attention to the TC.

Ivo went to Bulgaria and discussed Risk assessments. A direct question for help was put to him. The TC already looked into this subject and several forms are collected. The is however no such thing as an universally used form.

Ivo asks the attendees to look in their own network for help on this item.

Ivo reports on WSD, and concludes that is was ‘a bit of a mess’.

Following Sun Chuls idea, Oscar Wilde’s ‘Selfish Giant’ was handled by 10 delegations. It might be an idea to try this format in Scenofest.

The question was posed to the TC whether TC members would join in workshops?

Fritz, John, Bert and Ivo are willing to do so.

Ivo concludes the meeting and hopes to see all attendees in the coming open and closed meeting with the Technical Commission of Opera Europa.