2014 OISTAT Technology Commission Meeting Minutes

Apr 14, 2014

“Theater Technology Education and Curriculum”

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Day 1
10-04-2014 Shanghai Theatre Academy

1. Opening & Introductions: Ivo Kersmaekers

2. Appointment of recording secretary
- Fritz Schwentker

3. Regrets
- Andrez Sosnowski (POL)
- Jose Antonio Prades Hung (CUB)
- José Henrique Moreira (BZL)

4. OISTAT activities report M. Ramsaur
- Permanent division of Scenofest from PQ to WSD; next to be held WSD to be hosted in Taipei.
- The traditional “small congress” held at PQ will be eliminated; voting will now occur every 4 years at World Congress.
- Although PQ is separate from OISTAT, activities will continue, such as an “OISTAT day” with events and commission meetings to be distributed across venues.
- Upcoming Meetings:
• Costume Design Group in Belgium April 2014
• “Wood and Canvas” in Antwerp June 2014
• “OISTAT Performance Design & Research Conference” in Brazil August 2014
• Publication/Communication Annual Meeting and Chair Election in Taipei October 2014
• Lighting Design Working Group meeting pending for Sept. 2015

5. Previous Meeting Minutes:
- The minutes of the previous meeting in Cardiff, Wales (September 2013) were approved without objection.
- No new business arising from previous minutes.

6. Review of meeting agenda:
- New Business added for discussion later in the day from Andreas Bickel: ”Stage Set Scenery” Conference

7. Presentation of Candidates for Chair:
- Each of the three candidates for commission chair, Andreas Bickel, Romana Boskovic, and Loren Schreiber were introduced and asked to give a brief statement on their candidacy and interest in the position.

8. Technical Invention Prize (TIP): Ivo Kersmaekers
- Description of historical background of project as an opportunity to reach out to individual members in the OISTAT Centers and to provide a juried venue for their work.
- Commission members are to serve as recruiters for submissions; this includes getting announcements in local newsletters, websites, etc.
- The jury shall be selected by the chair and project head from the TC membership. Members may also participate as editors of printed materials.
- New cycle for the TIP now lags the preliminarily intended schedule in order to occur at WSD 2017 (rather than PQ) and final scheduling is yet to be announced.
- In the initial TIP, the book was sponsored (by commercial vendors) and given to OISTAT centers to sell distribute. There is ongoing discussion of the best way to manage this given the logistics and costs involved.
- A smaller print run along with a PDF publication may be practical.
- Recommend members assist in offering/finding translation services to translate completed work into local languages.
- General discussion topics included: distribution of promotional materials, barriers to submission, and prizes/giveaways.

9. New Business: Jasim Uddin
- Jasim requests information on access to and help obtaining training/instructional materials in technical theatre and lighting for use by students and young professionals in Bangladesh.
- Discussion of web access to materials and copyright permissions.
- Discussion of availability of workshop leaders who might be hosted by local theatre people in exchange for presenting in advance topics. Possible opportunity for Western graduate students to travel.
- Note that OISTAT is developing a bibliography for its website at the moment.
- Discussion of YouTube videos that are currently available as instructional materials.

10. Standards Project: Andreas Bickel and Laura van Haperen
- Project to survey and compile the scope of technical standards relating to technical theatre production around the world.
- See presentation materials attached for description of the project.
- John Mayberry and Fritz Schwentker volunteered as proofreaders for English language assistance for survey and presentation materials consistency.
- Discussion of disposition of “dated” standards, especially as in the US with ANSI standards.
- Discussion of Web presence.

11. “Stage, Set, Scenery: Conference: Andreas Bickel
- Presentation on the successor to Showtech
- See presentation materials attached for description of the project.

12. Timeline Working Group: Bert Determann & Ivo Kersmaekers
- Description of Bourla Theatre in Antwerp and dilemma of old technology and current use.
- Specifically, how can existing historical technology coexist with modern production?
- How does historical “listing” affect the ability to use the venues where this might occur?
- How do technicians today see their ability to influence this?
- This is the topic of the “Wood and Canvas” conference in Antwerp June 12-15.
- The “Timeline Project” is proposing a historical theatre tour @ PQ.

13. Meeting adjourned until Friday 10-04-2014

Day 2
10-04-2014 Shanghai Theatre Academy

1. Election of TC Chair: Michael Ramsaur & Wan-Jung Wei
- Description of OISTAT voting procedures
- Re-introduction of the candidates
- 1st ballot: tie between Romana Boskovic and Andreas Bickel
- 2nd ballot: Romana Boskovic elected new chair
- Thanks to Ivo Kersmaekers for his service.

2. Appointment of TC Co-chair: Romana Boskovic
- Andreas Bickel and Loren Schreiber appointed by acclimation.

3. Invitations for next meeting: general discussion
- to be held in 2015 – possibly Sweden.
- Other invitation offers to be solicited by the Chair.

4. Meeting adjourned