The Eco-Friendly Theatre Committee

Aug 9, 2011

Why the Eco – friendly theatre committee?
Ecology is the new economy, and how!
Just like in the nineties safety and risk assessment were the magic words, today this is ecology.
Just like then much attention will be given to this, and much money will be gained from it.
Why is ecology suddenly high on the agenda, after for dozens of years it was the only the interest of ecologists and tree huggers?
Executive Boards, public governing boards and companies start to realize that except care for our planet and the future of our children, there is also money that can be saved and profits to be made.

Also in our sector new initiatives sprout everywhere:
- The London theatres have been obliged diminish their C02 with 60% in 2025
- The Dutch theatre magazines are full with Article concerning energy saving in theatres.
- The Teatro de Liceu in Barcelona have exactly gained the ISO 14001 for environment management system.
- Eco-advisors are employed by the big theaters.
- The large opera houses are well on go, and the idea is extensively promoted at the other European theatres.

In short, call it ecological theatre or ecotheatre, sustainable theatre, environmental theatre, CO2 neutral theatre or even recycled theatre, everyone is busy.
Also in public tenders and recommendations of advisors we see the environment standards more and more often.
Manufacturers of theatre technical equipment don’t lag behind.
The OISTAT technology commission wants to take its part in the network of spreading and collection information on this matter.
the Eco – friendly theatre committee will be a centre of worldwide information on this matter.
The big wave just has started, but we’re ready to surf!