Technology Commission|Mission

Jun 19, 2019

Welcome to the Technology Commission                                                                
We are a group of technical theatre professionals who each represent our theatre associations of this international body. Any centre which is a member of OISTAT is eligible, and encouraged, to appoint a member of the OISTAT Technology Commission. This voting member is invited to our annual meetings as a guest of the organization hosting the meeting, other members are also encouraged to attend and participate. At these meetings we decide on projects and initiatives which we feel are useful to the international theatrical production community.
The TC does not wish to be an island in OISTAT.
Technology is not possible without skilled people, creativity, theatre buildings, communication and reflection to the past.
So collaboration with the educational, scenography, architectural, communication and history commissions is in order.
Also these commissions need input from the TC: what skills do our colleagues need, how to incorporate safety and technology in designs, what are technical requirements for theatres, how do we communicate technical specifications about our shows to each other, and how do we archive our work for future reference.
This website is just beginning to grow.
I hope it will grow up to be a useful communication instrument for theatre technicians all over the world.

Ivo Kersmaekers
Ex Chair of Technology Commission