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Stage Designer Austin Wang Receives National Arts Award

Oct 23, 2014

Austin Wang, previous Chair of OISTAT Publication and Communication commission, received the highest prestige, the National Arts Award in his hometown Taipei on September 25, 2014. 

Austin Wang, best known for his work as stage designer for Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, was hailed for his works that span traditional and modern theater and dance, and for his efforts in bringing Taiwanese theater to the world. 

With a profound understanding of literature and the ability to exploit modern technology, Austin Wang graces the theatre playground with his humor, insight and exuberance. Be it a rotating stage or a simple stage covered only with a thin sheet of rice, nothing is too unusual for this mischievous magician as he pulls excitement and surprises out of his bag one after another. He is born a theatre soul and lives to prove it true.

As a keen reader with a good understanding of language, Austin Wang is one of a handful of theatre designers who could directly communicate with playwrights and convey his designing philosophy precisely with eloquence. Austin Wang may look like a model of sophistication, but deep down there is a hopeless romantic hidden within. Sky may be the limit of the world, but definitely not this genius’ imagination. 

Austin Wang received a BIAA award in Warsaw in 2004. In 2007, he sat on the judging panel of Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ) and acted as the convener of the Taiwan team. The Taiwan Exhibition won Theatre Technology Award that year. He was the director of stage design at 2009 Deaflympics in Taipei. 

Austin Wang is currently the Director of Taipei Performing Arts Centre in Taiwan.

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