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Core Strategy Project 2015-2016 Final Presentation - OISTAT Channel

May 12, 2016

Bringing in young generation’s perspectives is one of the key issues of OISTAT in recent years. The Core Strategy project is one of such attempts. The original idea of this project is to include 3 universities from 3 continents to stimulate how OISTAT works and to engage young generations.

National Taiwan Normal University (Taipei, Taiwan) selected 5 students to work with Publication & Communication Commission and Headquarters in this project. It is regretful that other 2 universities cannot send students due to budget cut.

The Benchmark for Core Strategy 2015-2016

After the first meeting in Prague and the midterm presentation in Novi Sad, NTNU team completed a SWOT analysis of OISTAT; which later produced a set of concrete suggestions to OISTAT during final presentation in Taipei.


Searching for the Best Branding Strategy
NTNU team sent out surveys to around 200 participants in 4 continents searching for the best solution to branding OISTAT to young generations. Videos proven to be an efficient approach to reaching out to theatre-makers, especially younger ones. On average, website users will spend 45 seconds on a webpage. If with video, users tend to spend 350 seconds. The exposure rate of video is 53 times more than a webpage.

At the OISTAT Executive Committee & Governing Board meetings in April, NTNU team had their final presentation, pitching the fascinating idea "OISTAT Channel" as a way for OISTAT to reach out to young generations.


OISTAT Channel
OISTAT Channel is series of video clips that encourage theatre-makers worldwide to share their innovations, ideas and stories. OISTAT Channel will be comprised of 2 parts:
OISTAT Stories:
call for videos from OISTAT Commissions, Centres and individual members, sharing ideas and knowledge on specific theatre field, such as Digital Theatre Words project and Historical Theatre Machinery in Bourla theatre.  

Video Competition:
call for ideas for a specific theme by a video competition. Competition themes might include “Theatre in 2020”, “When old meets new”, “100 ways to use OISTAT measurement tape”. 

The Core Strategy students did a wonderful job throughout the one-year project. OISTAT will strive to establish more projects like Core Strategy for young theatre generation’s creative ideas to be heard.


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