Publication & Communication

2016 OISTAT Publication and Communication Commission Report in Governing Board

Aug 3, 2016

Since the June 2015 Prague Quadrennial commission meeting, several commission projects are in-progress.

Core Strategy Project
The Core Strategy Project provided a team of Taiwanese graduate students an opportunity to learn about OISTAT as an international arts organization. Students have investigated the organization’s history, explore the organization’s decision-making process and networked with members of OISTAT’s Headquarters and the commission chair. The project’s student group presented their final report during the Executive Committee & Governing Board meetings in Taipei.

Information about the students’ final project can be found on the Publication & Communication Commission webpage.

Academic Journal Database
The commission would like to provide OISTAT’s membership information about peer-reviewed journals from OISTAT Centres and performance design journals edited by OISTAT members. The Publications and Communication Commission’s webpage will include information about submitting work for the journal’s peer-review process, frequency of publication and how members could subscribe to the journal. 

Communications & Information
During Performance Design Commission meetings in Salt Lake City, several conversations occurred focusing on OISTAT communications. Several ideas are currently under development including:

  1. Making listserve e-mail addresses available to OISTAT commissions to support internal commission communications.
  2. Creating on the OISTAT website a calendar of OISTAT Centre meetings and special events.
  3. Creating on the OISTAT website through the PCC sub-page, a new reference page for OISTAT Centre journals and notable performance design academic journals.

Publications & Marketing
The app versions of Digital Theatre Words supports iOS 6.0 devices or later (compatible with iPhones and iPads) or Android 4.4.1 devices. The free trial version allows users to sample the translation dictionary with twenty complementary searches. A “flash sale” discount occurred during USITT national conference in March. Jerôme Maeckelbergh would like to have a project editor’s meeting during WSD 2017 to encourage new participation within the project.