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The Final Report of Core Strategy Project 2015-2016

Jan 20, 2017

Bringing in young generation’s perspectives is one of the key issues of OISTAT in recent years. The Core Strategy project is one of such attempts.

2015-2016, five graduate students major in Performing Arts in National Taiwan Normal University were selected to work with OISTAT Publication & Communication Commission and Headquarters in the Core Strategy project. The students attend OISTAT meetings, dig into OISTAT archive and find solutions for OISTAT to draw more participants in the network.

The Benchmark for Core Strategy 2015-2016
- First meeting: OISTAT day/ PQ 2015 (Prague, Czech Republic)
- Midterm presentation: EC&GB meeting 2015 (Novi Sad, Serbia)
- Final presentation: EC&GB Meeting 2016 (Taipei, Taiwan)

Here is the final report of the Core Strategy project 2015-2016.

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