Announcement of TAC 2015 Prize Winners

May 13, 2015

We are pleased to announce the Prize Winners of Theatre Architecture Competition 2015 and selected entries for exhibition. Theatre Architecture Competition 2015 received 197 submissions from 38 countries. We would like to thank you for your participation. 

The Jury Members:
Anne Minors (UK)  
Jean Guy Lecat (France) 
Xavier Fabre (France)
Scott Georgeson (USA) 
Pieter de Kimpe (Belgium)
Reinhold Daberto (Germany)
Tim Foster (UK)

First Prize Winner               

A Floating Theatre for The Crackwalker
Entry No. 051972         Uros Novakovic, Sebastian Bartnicki and Erin Fleck    Canada

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Second Prize Winner               

Bridge's Theatre                        
Entry No. 300409         Timothée Raviol and Priscilla Moreira de Almeida    Belgium

River Box Theatre           
Entry No. 962448          Alejandra Angeles and Enrique Flores                  Mexico

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Additional Prizes

The Loft
Entry No. 901220
Piotr Blicharski (Poland)

Theater on the Wave
Entry No. 042015
Delphine Quach & Anouk Dandrieu (Switzerland)

Improvisational Theatre
Entry No. 335599
Žilvinas Stasiulevičius (Lithuania)

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Honourable Mentions

Modular Circus Theater
Entry No. 030076             Karolina Sewera and Karolina Stach    Poland

Entry No. 050687             Emily Murphy, Willem Broekaert and Giulia Frigerio    France & Belgium

Entry No. 122007             Stefano Teker and Marie Michiels    Belgium

The Floating Theater               
Entry No. 145369             Enzo Valerio    Switzerland

Operation Theatre            
Entry No. 212173             Quang Le and Lien Hoang Phuong    Switzerland & Vietnam

Urban Cyclorama               
Entry No. 110191             Alexia Florens and Lucien Desmenez    Belgium

Selected Entries for Exhibition

Walking On Silk               
Entry No. 002270             Angela Kanaan    Lebanon                 
The Scaffold' On Show               
Entry No. 010414              Marion Barre, Clėmence Gabilleau and Emeline Danieau    France       
Floating Platz               
Entry No. 012681             Carlos Rodriguez, Alan Mera and Ahmed Sileem    USA
Dynamic Bridge               
Entry No. 023537             Ying-Ching Wang    Taiwan
The Portal               
Entry No. 051615             Joshuah Howard, Xueyao Zhou and Ningxin Cheng    USA
Entry No. 071226             Yu Sun and Jia Jung Tang    Taiwan
City Turntable     
Entry No. 074689             Shi-Yen Wu, Wai-Shing Li, Jui-Yu Pan and Ren-Fong Gong    Taiwan
H2O Circus               
Entry No. 090234             Cyril Lamy    France
A Unique Moment               
Entry No. 173045             Bernd Upmeyer    Netherlands
Entry No. 250492             Marie Carbo    France

Shows Boxes               
Entry No. 270490             Alexandra Michaud and Jean-Sebastien Hivon    Canada
Place of Infinite Past               
Entry No. 272176             Eline Hoftiezer and Fernke Stout    Netherlands
Entry No. 421736             Andriana Themeli, Georgios Karampelas and Fryni Papadopoulou    UK