Costume Design Sub-commission

Costume at the Turn of the Century Dates and Opening Announced

Feb 11, 2015


Dear curators and designers:

Please allow me to express my deepest gratitude for your contribution to the creation of this amazing parade of talents! Congratulations and thank you for your dedicated work in the name of Theater Arts.

1200 images have been selected to print in the catalog and for display at the exhibition "Costume at the Turn of the Century, 1990 -2015" by the executive committee of the Theatre Museum in Moscow. (The list includes over 200 designers selected for the exhibition. Please contact your regional curators for the details and further instructions.) However, all of the participants who submitted their work will be shown in a digital format on ten monitors during the exhibition and all of your names will be listed in the catalog.

The dates of the exhibition are June 15-Aug. 1, 2015.
Taking into consideration that our exhibition “Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990 – 2015” overlaps with the Prague Quadrenial-2015, an important theater conference and event in the Czech Republic, the management of the museum has decided to offer the opening ceremony at the museum in Moscow twice.

The first one will be on June 15 - for the general public and those who can only come to Moscow before the opening of the Prague Quadrennial on June 17.
The second opening ceremony in Moscow will occur after the conference in Prague, on June 29, for the participants of the exhibition and visitors who wish to attend this unique and the largest ever theatrical costume exhibition.

Visa to Russia and travel accommodations:
Those who are interested in traveling to Moscow and are in need of a personal invitation should send a request to the museum at: rudenko@gctm.ru (Please attach all personal information for invitation, including expected dates of your visit.)

You can also find all necessary information for obtaining a Russian visa on the website of the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

At this moment, we are working on a cultural and entertainment program for you, which will include visits to theaters, museums and historical places while you are in Moscow.

We will post all this information on our website:
http://www.worldcostumedesign.com, along with information about the hotels in Moscow offering a discount for the exhibitors and guests of the event.

A little bit about the history of this project.
This exhibit was initiated through the collaboration between Organisation Internationale des Scénographes, Techniciens et Architectes de Theatre (OISTAT) and the A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum (BSCT) in Moscow, Russia.

The idea for this exhibition originated four years ago after the meeting of the OISTAT Costume Design Group in Prague during the Prague Quadrennial - 2011.

This exhibition will present work of costume designers from 27 countries and will cover the period of the past 25 years.

The exhibition showcases costume design projects for theatre, opera, dance, film, fashion and performing art and will include costume renderings, production photos, 3D costume installations, artistic images of costumes in other settings, as well as short performance videos. Some of the work will be presented in a digital portfolio format.

Our intention is to give the opportunity to expand the horizons of costume craftsmen and designers through showcasing a variety of styles and ideas, development of new materials and technologies in contemporary theatre. We hope that all those amazing designs will inspire participants, as well as visitors of this exhibition.

All of the data we collected for the exhibition will be included in the catalog "Costume At The Turn Of The Century 1990 -2015”. It will also be archived, preserved and shared among the professionals, educators and future designers, as well as with general public through the OISTAT/BCSTM Gallery on our website: www.worldcostumedesign.com

This exhibition is created as a tribute to COSTUMES AND COSTUMERS at the turn of this century. Our plan is to continue to collect and update the data in the future on our website.

We are also looking for sponsors and organizations that are interested in bringing this exhibition to their own country.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely want to thank the management and staff of the A.A. Bakhrushin Central State Theatre Museum, all of the participants and especially the curators of this exhibition, for your contribution to the creation of this extraordinary project.
Chief curator of the exhibition "Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990 - 2015"
Igor Roussanoff