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Costume Design Group Spring Newsletter 2015

Apr 13, 2015

Dear Costume Design Group

Spring is here and so are the CDG Spring-Newsletter 2015, filled with lots of wonderful details for our next meeting and events at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, June 17 - to June 28, 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic. 

as well as our upcoming retrospective and curated Costume Design Exhibition "Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990 - 2015” at Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum, which will take place from June 15 to August 1, 2015 in Moscow, Russia.

For Prague I’ll announce:
1.     New Head election
2.     Agenda for the Business meeting 18.June at 4PM
3.     Schedule for specific Costume Event at PQ15.
4.     Bookshop by Performance Books at PQ15

For Moscow I’ll announce :
1.     Opening of the exhibition “Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990 - 2015” June 29th 2015
2.     Planning tour arranged by Laura Crow, Igor Roussanoff and the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum

New Head Election:
There was one nominated candidate for CDG Head at the call. 

Download Candidate Slate in PDF

For my part I have decided to concentrate my CDG activities on specific Costume Design Group issues, and didn’t nominate for the CDG Head, and I’ll hereby gratefully announce, a thanks for the time where I have been at your service as Head and vicehead. 

Before our meeting in Prague
I have some important calls to do, and I’ll ask you to read carefully and participate the activities, if possible. So please take a part of following: 

1. Call for future meetings have to be announced in Prague. Invitations at least for 2016's meeting have to be sent by May 31th to Lis Klitten. liseklitten@kulisse.dk

2. Call for photos of CDG meetings and visits to make a slideshow or a short film to present on the OISTAT day. We are looking for selection of photos 
from meetings from the last 20 years . Photos has to be visually significant to show people, countries, activities we have done… 
pictures which express our profesionality, sharing,  passion, friendship… 
Deadline on May 15th and the photos have to be sent to Simona Rybákova. rybakovasimona@gmail.com

3. Call for more images to be part on the OISTAT's website CDG Gallery.
Deadline on May 15th and the images  have to be sent to Lise Klitten.  liseklitten@kulisse.dk

4. Call for vice-heads,  secretary-minutes, web pages organizer, project leaders for actual projects and/or other suggestions. 
The candidate needs to be an active member at least from the last three CDG meetings. 
Everyone who is interested to serve CDG in this possition has to send announcement by mail by May 8th to Lise Klitten.  liseklitten@kulisse.dk

Agenda for the Business meeting 18.June at 4PM 
Download CDG Meeting Agenda

OBS: after the meeting  we will have common dinner at Restaurant, on own cost (name to be announced) 

1.     Welcome (Lise Klitten)
2.     Brief of CDG for new members (Sofia Pantouvaki)
3.     The last Meetings: Brazil (Rosane Muniz) / Helsinki (Sofia Pantouvaki) / CDG Meeting and 20 years anniversary with MaijaPekkanen in Helsinki (Simona Rybákova)
4.     Ongoing Projects: Moscow (Igor Roussanov and Laura Crow)
5.     Election of the new Head + Nomination + Words from the last heads ( Lise Klitten)
6.     New Head's presentation  of team and future ideas
7.     Frequent Rotating Events: PQ 2015 (Simona Rybákova)  WSD 2017 (Lise Klitten)  Critical Costume 2017 (Sofia Pantouvaki)
8.     CDG Meetings: Guideline for Financial Support and for creating a diversified program(Rosane Muniz)
9.     Costume Methodology / CDG's Archives / New ideas... (Sofia Pantouvaki)
10.  Web Gallery - new call (Lise Klitten)
11.   20th CDG Anniversary and Honorable Members  - OISTAT day in Naprstkovo Muzeum
12.  Closing of the session


Schedule for specific Costume Event at PQ15.
at the PQ15 there are a bunch of exiting Costume Design related events going on.
Please take a careful look at this attach schedule and join it all. 

Download CDG Activity Schedule at PQ15

Specific I’ll like to announce the OISTAT DAY June 20th, in the Courtyard of the Naprstkovo Museum at 5PM  
(Betlémské náměstí 1, 110 00 Praha 1)

Here the Costume Design group will present a special show on the occasion of OISTAT Costume Group 20 years Anniversary and Honourable Members  

link for Tribe News:

Bookshop by Performance Books at PQ15
Performance Books invites curators and exhibitors at PQ 2015, and publishers, to get in touch if you have publications that you would like made available to the many thousands of visitors attending the exhibition this June.

There you can also find form which is necessary to fill a send to info@thecpr.org.uk.


http://www.pq.cz/en For the first time ever, Prague Quadrennial 2015 will take place in 12 locations in the historical heart of Prague, also including public spaces.
The award ceremony is on June 22nd in the evening, check the program: http://www.pq.cz/en/program/daily-program

Opening of the exhibition “Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990 - 2015”  June 29th. 2015
(time to be announced)
A.A.Bakhrushin  State Central Theatre Museum.
ul. Bakhrushina, 31, Moscow 115054 Russia. 

Tour in Moscow and St. Petersburg are right now, this days to be planned.
Here there will be possibilities to visit:
Kemlin and the Red Square, Bolshoi Theatre, Tretiakov Museum, design Studio Barovsky, St. Petersburg and the Hermitage Costume Collection, Peterhoff, Mariinsky Theatre and Pushkin Museum.

All in all, magic and so fantastic exciting. 

With love and good wish

Head of the Costume Design Group of OISTAT Performance Design