Theatre Architecture Database

Aug 8, 2011

This is an OISTAT Data Base of theatre buildings. This data base does not claim to be a complete index of theatres world wide. This task is fulfilled much better from other publications. It is a database of projects, in which either members of OISTAT architecture commission were involved in, or of projects, which attracted members of AC for various reasons: Reasons to include these projects might be either the specific approach of design, a non conventional solution, remarkable budgets – either high or low – , and for some other reasons. It will be continuously completed.

The information given is based on the same, compact layout which makes projects comparable. For those, who want to visit projects, there is a phone number and contact address.

The PDF-Format allows to download and print the information sheets easily for further use.

We would like to invite you as AC member or other interested people from outside to contribute to the growth of this database by submitting your own projects, projects you know and would like to see in this collection. Please find the templates in A4 portrait here to be downloaded. When you have completed your project, please submit to headquarters@oistat.org as a pdf-file, we take care to put it to the webpage soon. 

Blank templates for downloading:
Click to download the template in MS Word format
OISTAT AC hopes, you find this data base helpful.
If you have remarks or questions please contact:

Reinhold Daberto
Chair of OISTAT AC (2004-2012)