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Dossier Costume Design Sub-commission May 2018

Apr 23, 2018

The Costume Design Sub-commission is the working group of the OISTAT Performance Design Commission which promotes the field of costume and disseminates information about the art and practice of costume design.
The group is a non-profit international platform for costume professionals from all over the world, connecting individuals as well as national or regional organizations of costume designers and technicians. The aim is to share knowledge, exchange ideas, inform on artistic practice, research, and motivate creative and critical discourse on costume related issues within the widest possible range of costume practitioners and researchers around the world. Individual members, guests and interested parties are also welcome to participate in meetings and projects.
Chair of Costume Design Sub-commission
Ms. Simona Rybáková CZECH REPUBLIC
Ms. Rosane Muniz (Vice-Head for Projects) BRAZIL
Ms. Sofia Pantouvaki (Vice-Head for Research) GREECE/FINLAND
The annual meetings of the Costume Design Sub Commission of OISTAT are a unique opportunity for host countries to share with a distinguished group of costume designers worldwide professional experiences and, at the same time, they are a unique opportunity to publicize the work of national costume designers to the international community, as well as to publicize the work of the host institutions.

The Association of Scenic Visual Artists from Spain (AAPEE) is associated with Oistat Spain and has created a costume design commission with important professionals of the performing arts of Spain.
AAPEE / C / V-PDC / C (OISTAT Spain)
OISTAT Spain– Costume Design Commission
Spanish Voting Delegate to OISTAT CDSC: Mariaelena Roqué
Alternate Delegate: Marta Jiménez Salcedo
AAPEE – Costume Design Commission
Marialena  Roqué
Marta Jiménez Salcedo
Juan Sebastián Domínguez
President of Asociación Oistat España
José Luis Ferrera
AAPEE members collaborating in the May 2018 event
Marta Fenollar 
Pier Paolo Álvaro 
Roger Portal 
Paola de Diego 
Paula Castellano 
Elisa Sanz
We are pleased to have the support of:
SASTRERÍA CORNEJO, Costume company for cinema and performing arts internationally known and that gives us the possibility to visit all its facilities, workshops and museum on Friday 18 during all morning.
RESAD, The Royal School of Dramatic Art, through its director, offers us all its collaboration so that the first day of the meeting, Friday May 18 in the afternoon, the Business Meeting and the Roiund Table I will be celebrated in their facilities. There will also be a visit to the facilities, which will allow the work that the RESAD develops be known internationally.
TEATRO DE LA ABADÍA, through its performances and studies that aspires to influence in social and cultural life through the poetry of the scene. Teatro de la Abadía combines the creation and exhibition of shows with the artistic and human search through workshops and meetings.
Teatro de la Abadía is integrated in the European project Cities on Stage. Its magical room Juan de la Cruz, former Church of The Sagrada Family, cannot be a better meeting place for this event.
During days May 19 and 20 in the mornings, will be held, on a space designed by Ikerne Jimenez (AAPEE), presentations of the work of national and international costume designers.
MUSEO DEL TRAJE. The Mission of the Costume Museum is to conserve, protect and promote costume and fashion collections that are in its custody, as well as all knowledge, direct or transversal, that come off of them, providing its visitors with activities based on their accessible discursive solidity, becoming for students in a place of exchange of knowledge and for professionals of the sector in a point of meeting and development.
To date, 25 eminent designers from 16 countries have confirmed their participation, including Israel, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the USA, Egypt, Brazil, Finland and Greece.
On the national side, we will have the most important costume designers from the performing arts of Spain associated with the AAPEE and non-associated professionals invited to the meeting, as well as guests from the collaborating organizations.

Here for the final program
-  The celebration of the Annual Meeting of the Subcommittee of Costume Design of OISTAT in Madrid, on May 18, 19 and 20 of 2018 will be a unique opportunity to meet and share experiences with eminent national and international costume designers.
-  To inform the international community of OISTAT about the work of featured Spanish costume designers
-  Publicize and promote Sastrería Cornejo, RESAD, Teatro de la Abadía and Museo del Traje in the international world community of costume design  and the institutions that support them.
-  Serve as a starting point for future joint activities and development of projects with the members of the OISTAT Costume Design Sub Commission and AAPEE, the institutions that support them and other OISTAT Centres in the world.
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