Costume Design Sub-commission

2014 Costume Design Group Meeting Minutes in Belgium

May 22, 2014

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Costume Design Meeting in Antwerp Saturday April 5th 2014 - 9:30 - 12.30 and Sunday April 6th 2014 - 9:00 - 12:00

Oistat website:
new design, Please check it, we will like a call for more CDG text and photo

Logo contest :
We will correditate logo subjects ( see the Facebook site ) with OISTAT new Artistic look, all groups could need a logo. The wish is logos can be connected to OISTAT and all the groups, maybe we can have a bigger promotion of the contest in order to find an artistic good OISTAT image.
Nic Ularu has been working with the CDG subject, so please check the in coming designs for now at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CostumeWorking/
posted in middle of oct 2013. mail: Nic Ularu <ULARU@mailbox.sc.edu>

Brazil meeting:
Draft of the CDG program in Sao Paolo to be present. Here will be a lot of activities! With professionals and students.
Rosane Muniz is preparing for the August 2014 meeting. mail: Rosane Muniz

PQ15 :
Sodja Lotker, Artistic director for Prague Quadrennial informs:
There are already existing projects that members of the Costume Design Group can take part in. One is a large project of workshops for students (much like Scenofest last time) – where costume workshops are always most favorite with students.
The second project is Tribes exhibition – we want to ´exhibit´ living people in public spaces. Tribe is a group of people that has a dress and behavior code. So this will very much be a costume event. The detailed description and deadlines for applications for workshops and the Tribes will be announced in March 2014. mail: Lotker Sodja <sodja.lotker@pq.cz>

news for CDG PQ15 concerning june 2015:
mail: Simona Rybáková <rybakovasimona@gmail.com>

Exhibition in Moscow:
A coordination group wish to be created
We will like to have any response from the OISTAT CDG members beside USA members.
We need curators from every country and region. The United States will represent: Susan Tsu, Sandy Bonds and Laura Crow.
Igor Roussanoff is working on CDG exhibition August 2015. mail: Igor Roussanoff <roussanoff@hotmail.com>

Taiwan visit:
CDG in Taiwan October 2015. work is going on to arrange a program with the aboriginal tribes and international guests.
They are suggesting to put guests in home stays in different but closeby tribes for immersive experience.
Kathy Hong is working on Visit. mail: OISTAT-Kathy Hong <kathyhong@oistat.org>

Philippines World Costume Festival:
Official announcement of WCF'16 invitation
Proposal CDG Design Exhibitions and call for costume collaborative workshop with local young designers and CDG member.
Vigan WCF will select representations of four countries. Official invitation to received the award will be announce in October, 2015.
Rollie De Leon is working with the World Costume Festival in Vigan 2016. Mail: Rolando De Leon <rolliedl2000@yahoo.com>

World Stage Design:
Announcing Taipai to host World Stage Design 2017 in Taiwan
check up announcing Dec. 9th 2013