Costume Design Sub-commission

2014 Costume Design Group Meeting Minutes in Sao Paulo

Oct 15, 2014

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This is a summary of the motions adopted at the meeting of the Costume Design Group.

Igor Roussanoff requested clarification as to the best timing for a presentation/symposium in Russia in relationship to the museum exhibition. The general feeling was that after the PQ (June 18 through June 28) would be the best.

Sabrina Notarfrancisco volunteered to explore the options for online nominations for the new Head of the CDG.

A call will go out for self-nominations or nominations for the office every four years prior to the convening of the Prague Quadrennial. The ballot will be established before the meeting in Prague. If anyone who cannot attend the meeting and wishes to go to will be allowed to go by email with that vote sent to the Head of the Costume Design Group with the subject line clearly identified as a vote and received 1 week prior to the PQ.

Laura Crow moved that all communication regarding the elections happened via email and not Facebook. Marianne Custer seconded. Nine in favor with one abstention.

Marianne Custer moved that “Those allowed to vote in election must have attended at least 1 meeting of the group during the last year.” Seconded by Sabrina Notarfrancisco. 1 yes, 7 opposed. An amendment to the nomination was made. “Those allowed to vote in the election must have attended at least one meeting of the group since the prior PQ (PQ 12). Passed unanimously.

Moved by Simona Rybakova. “If anyone is not able to attend the meeting they are able to submit an email vote to the head of the Costume Design Group one week prior to the PQ to submit their vote.” Second by Marianne Custer. Unanimous approval.

Moved by Laura Crow “The vote for a new head of the Costume Design Group will take place in Prague at the PQ 2015.” Seconded by Marianne Custer unanimously approved.

Moved by Simona Rybakova “the head will appoint a vice head, preferably from a different continent.” Seconded by Marianne Custer. Discussion ensued. The motion was defeated. The motion was amended by Marianne Custer after discussion, seconded by Simona Rybakova to read “the head will appoint a vice head, ideally from a different continent, but is minimum from a different country.” Unanimously approved.

Kazue Hatano moved that “At Prague the current vice heads, Kazue Hatano and Laura Crow, be granted distinguish members status and recognition of 20 years of service to the Costume Design Group.” Seconded by Marianne Custer. Unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted.
Virginia Vogel