2020 OISTAT Education Meeting Agenda

Jan 9, 2020

Helsinki, Finland

Lighting Studio, Lintulahdenkatu 3, 6th floor
Jan. 9th, 2020 – 10:00am-11:00am

1. Welcome & Introductions by Chair William Kenyon & Vice-Chair Anders Larsson:
a. Please check roster to ensure that we have the best email address for you.
b. Presentation of Agenda.
2. Acceptance of last meeting’s minutes.
a. All prior meeting minutes are available on the OISTAT website.
3. Chair’s report on Education Commission activities since June 2019:
a. October 2019 – Shanghai, China: Development trip to work on details for 1st International Summit on Theatre Design Training.
b. November 2019 – Oslo, Norway: EC/GB Meeting & visit with Norway OISTAT Centre.

4. Chair’s report on upcoming meetings & related events:
a. April 2020 – Houston, Texas, USA: ETTE Demonstration postponed.
b. Summer 2020 – Online: mid-year check-in meeting TBA.
c. September 2020 – Stockholm, Sweden: History event at Drottningholm & ScandLight.

d. October 2020 – Cairo, Egypt: SENA - Southern European & Northern African OISTAT Scenography and Theatre Technology Forum.
e. November 2020 – Shanghai, China: 1st International Summit on Theatre Design Training.
f. November 2020 – Beijing, China: Beijing International Biennale.
g. August 2021 – Calgary, Canada: World Stage Design 2021 & OISTAT World Congress.

h. Need proposals for future hosting – the following suggestions have been made:

5. Membership & Promotion.
a. Building Membership in Commission & OISTAT.
b. How can we spread name & work of OISTAT Education?
6. Developing more international student travel opportunities.
a. Costs.
b. Partnerships.
c. Length of trips?
7. Developing Faculty & Student Exchanges.
a. Excel File on BaseCamp for adding contact info for schools.

8. New Business:
a. How to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of OISTAT Education in 2021?
b. Using yesterday as a jumping-off point, what can we do in education with the subject of sustainability?

c. What else do we want to do?
9. Conclusion.