Performance Design


Dec 29, 2013
Education, Performance Design & Research Conference annual meeting
Brazil │August, 10th – 15th, 2014

Extended program from 4th to 9th August and from 15th to 18th August will be announced soon



PAPERS, WORKSHOPS Projects and FLASH TALKS (Pechakucha) presentations are invited to apply following the Conference main subject:

E-Scapes: the exploration of escaping traditional boundaries of Performance and its Design

We welcome submissions from within specific disciplines, but we are also very much interested in interdisciplinary contributions since the Conference aims to develop discussion of common interest to all disciplines of Education, Performance Design and Research alike.

Conference language: English

To download the Call in PDF

Proposals can be based on your work or the work of other inspirational practitioners, from past or present, including ideas, theories, researches, processes used and the results that have emerged through breaking the boundaries of conventional practice. The topics listed below suggest the areas for discussion:

What and When to Send

Obs.: The selected papers will be announced by 15th April 2014, and will be presented during the Conference in sessions of 20 minutes each. We are looking forward to publish all the papers submited.

We welcome submissions for workshops projects to be selected from within specific topics and disciplines. We are also very much interested in international share and collaboration on the leading of the workshops. The projects shall consider the main interested people on these are students, professionals, practitioners and teachers from formal and informal education from all levels graduated, pos graduated and non graduated

What and When to Send

Obs.: Some of the workshops will be possibly happen on the previous week of the event. Please mention if it is an issue for your submission. The selected workshops will be announced by 15th April 2014.

FLASH TALKS (Pechakucha)
Since we cannot use anymore the name PECHAKUCHA as it is under copyright terms we decided to use the name FLASH TALKS for this Conference.

FLASH TALKS consists on twelve presentations of a series of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. The participants shall present their own creative work and process, also talk about topics related to their inspiration as such as: travels, research projects, student projects, hobbies, collections or other interests. Please send us an email of intention to participate of the FLASH TALKS and your area of interest and theme, followed by a short bio by 20th February to e.scapes.oistat@gmail.com.

Obs.: The selected Flash Talks will be announced by 15th April 2014.