Performance Design

2014 Performance Design Commission Meeting Minutes

Sep 2, 2014

E-Scapes, São Paulo, Brazil
12 August 2014, 10:00 am

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The commission’s chair Reija Hirvikoski welcomed all to the meeting and Rob Eastman-Mullins was chosen as its secretary.


Business arising from past minutes

1. PROPOSAL: Could we suggest to OISTAT EC a new system to OISTAT Statutes to make commissions more open and democratic for all active members in the issues of voting in commission’s official matters?

OISTAT system: Official voting delegates nominated by OISTAT Centres, individual members (no OISTAT centre in a country) and members (and friends) of commission

All members of OISTAT are very welcome to attend all OISTAT activities and commission meetings – OISTAT policy.

Discussion followed
No consensus was reached, however, a suggestion was made to institute a fractional vote for members in attendance who are not voting delegates
nominated from the Centers and not listed in Headquarters/Chairs list. Reija is seeking membership’s help in this decision.

2. Proposal: Could we suggest to OISTAT EC to change OISTAT statutes in a way that the Heads of WGs of PD also should be elected for a certain time period? (Chair of the commission serves 2 x 4 years)

Consider Heads of PD Working Groups as Vice Chairs to PD Commission? Do they have a right to vote in official matters?

We also have strange structure of WGs who do not rotate their leaders. If we are trying to have broad appeal, we should have term limits for Heads of WGs.

Discussion followed
A motion was made that Heads of Working Groups should be Vice-Chairs of the Performance Design Commission.

VOTE Motion carries. 23-1-2
It was agreed to request the EC to discuss voting eligibility.


Discussion followed
A motion was made to create a Space Design Group that would cover Scenography, Projection Design, and related fields.

VOTE Motion carried with clear majority.
Reija agreed to lead the new Working Group until a replacement is found.


Report from Working Group Heads

Lighting – Henk van der Geest
This is my last report. Activities should be led by those who propose them. Group should facilitate, but I am not the one who should lead individual activities. Education Commission is a good example of a well-running group.

Some proposals made in São Paulo, but most not rewarded with scheduling.

Cardiff had many good discussions and proposals of activities.

Tighten links to British ALD.

New business on way. Thought about returning to São Paulo in 2016.

OISTAT is slow organization, meeting only once per year. Met many people though, and the organization is growing like a family. This is a people’s network to spread our knowledge around the world. The LDG needs to keep reinventing itself. New leadership should take a long breath and take the time it needs. I will work with new leadership even though I leave. Already working on project for PQ and invite participation. 

Yesterday’s LDG meeting: Decided to have TWO heads as Co-Heads of LDWG in equal responsibility and leadership. Kimmo Karjunen (FIN) & Nick Moran (GBR)

YOU need to be a sponsor of OISTAT yourself. “You need to take your credit card with you.”

Sound – Joe Pino
Mostly spent the year regrouping. Steve had most of the info about SDWG in his head so a lot of that info passed with him. Spent time with Steve’s family trying to recover information. We elected an Associate Head, George Christou (Cyprus via UK).

Plans for PQ2015. Continue the Sound Kitchen. Two-pronged attack in 2011, but not the case this time, without Steve. Over 3 days, sound artists give 20-minute presentations of their work. Slow-going as waiting for direction from PQ. 

Professional mentorship program about to launch. Overlap with Education Commission? Clear presence in US and Western Europe, but rest of the world very separate and disorganized. Little or no education for sound design. “Mudgey” line between educational and professional work, don’t want to step on any toes. Work to pair people up with appropriate mentors.

Starting to think about WSD events. Webinars starting in fall. First: Filipino (Jethro Joaquin) sound designer sharing work he’s been doing. Trying to open up exposure beyond “Western, white theatre.”

Costume – Lise Klitten
Group is very active and open. One Head is not enough to make the full report.

Met in April 2014 in Antwerp. 23 attendees from 15 different countries. Nearly everyone living in host’s 17th C. house! Attended Brussels Museum of Art &
History. Visited costume shop of Brussels Opera House La Monarie. Isabelle De Borchgraeve’s workshop; using paper to make costumes. Symposium on Conservation and Restoration of Costumes and Textiles. Bruges and Ghent extra programs followed.

CDG Business Meeting: “Tribes” idea to exhibit living people in public spaces at PQ 2015. Costume at Turn of the Century; exhibition in June-July 2015 at
Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum in Moscow.

CDG minutes can be found on the OISTAT web site. Mission of CDG was also created and will be on web site.

Laura Crow - Next year will be the 20th Anniversary of CDG.

Other Business