Space Design Sub-commission

Space Design Working Group formed in Brazil 2014

Sep 2, 2014

Space Design Group, our newest addition to the Performance Design commission, was formed during the  Sao Paulo meeting in August 2014. The new working group will cover Scenography, Projection Design and related fields. Reija Hirvikoski, current Performance Design Chair will act as interim Head of Space Design Group until next meeting in Prague. Related meeting time for Performance Design commission and working groups, please see here.

Space Design Group

This new working group provides a forum for performance designers interested in spatial thinking as it relates to place, body, object, light, sound and media.

Acknowledging the scenographic aspect of constructed environments and the inherently site-specific nature of performance, the group will investigate, challenge, develop and foster contemporary design practices as well as how the stage is defined and bounded. It welcomes designers for prescribed venues, temporary places, resonant sites and the virtual world to share and debate established practices, while sharing and explore new frontiers.
More information on the Space Design Group will be available in July 2015.

Currently, the Space Design Group operates a facebook group, see here.  All are welcomed to attend the meetings at Prague during the Prague Quadrennial.