Performance Design

Performance Design Commission|Mission

Dec 10, 2010

Designing is thinking. The mission of OISTAT Performance Design is to exchange thoughts, ideas and visions among young and experienced professionals worldwide. This includes all aspects of the performance design and live art: space, set, costumes, lighting, and sound and music composition. 

OISTAT Performance Design tries to generate new critical discussions about the audiovisual language of the performance and create different ways of understanding its content. The aim is to share the knowledge with the widest possible group of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.   

The commission includes active working groups for Costume Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design and Space Design (newly established in 2014). OISTAT Performance Design has a productive role in Prague Quadrennial (PQ) and World Stage Design (WSD) exhibitions. 


OISTAT Performance Design meets at least once a year. The location is always hoped to have a good theatrical infrastructure and/or an outstanding performing space. Meetings have always been held at Prague during Prague Quadrennials (PQ Exhibitions) and recent meetings in Toronto, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Seoul, Amsterdam and Las Vegas. OISTAT Performance Design also aims to collaborate with other OISTAT Commissions and have joint meetings, forums and active events together with all of them.

Activities regularly include:

Countries hosting OISTAT Performance Design meetings take advantage of the meeting and its international members by offering lectures and presentations, which are open to all OISTAT members and particularly to the colleagues and students worldwide.

Past Meetings

2017  Taipei, Taiwan at World Stage Design 2017

2016  Salt Lake City, USA at USITT Stage Expo

2015  Prague, Czech Republic at Prague Quadrennial 2015

2014  Sao Paulo, Brazil

2013  Cardiff, UK

2013  Shanghai, China

2012  Las Vegas, USA

2011  Prague, Czech Republic at Prague Quadrennial 2011

2010  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2009  Seoul, Korea at World Stage Design 2009

2008  Stockholm, Sweden

2007  Prague, Czech Republic at Prague Quadrennial 2007

2006  Tel Aviv, Israel

2005  Toronto, Canada at World Stage Design 2005

2004  Long Beach, California, USA

2003  Prague, Czech Republic at Prague Quadrennial 2003

2002  Seoul, Korea

2001  Manila, Davao City, The Philippines

2000  Bregenz, Austria

1999  Antwerp, Belgium

1999  Prague, Czech Republic at Prague Quadrennial 1999

1998  Haifa, Israel

1997  Seoul, Korea

1996  Helsinki, Finland + Stockholm, Sweden

1995  Prague, Czech Republic at Prague Quadrennial 1995

1995  Las Vegas, USA (Costume Design Workshop)

1994  Beijing, China

1993  Tokyo, Japan

1992  Vancouver, Canada + Seattle, USA

1991  Prague, Czech Republic at Prague Quadrennial 1991

1990  Sydney, Australia