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Scandlight 2015

Oct 27, 2014

 - Development in Digital Design – 3 D

June 1 – 3, 2015 in Malmö, Sweden!


”Development in Digital Design – 3D” will look forward to see how the lighting design and Digital Design will develop and effect the future design result.

Scandlight 2015 – 3D – will try to find the answers on questions like:

The conference is open to different art genres, techniques and forms – theatre, dance, music, circus, television, visual and multimedia art.

The conference is open to Lighting designers, researchers, developer, educators, teachers, students, and arts managers from all over the world interested in the art of light. This meeting is an opportunity to meet potential collaborators from different countries!
The conference working language is English.

Scandlight 2015 

Svenska Ljussättareföreningen – SLF – is inviting you to Scandlight 2015 on June 1-3 in Malmö, Sweden. Don´t miss this unigue opportunity for inspiration and the possibility to meet colleagues and to make new contacts.

OISTAT Members enjoy a special rate registering for Scandlight 2015

Registration fee
The participation fee for Scandlight 2015 is 6400 SEK + VAT

Registration fee members
If you are a member of any of the following associations:

you will have a special price of the participation fee at Scandlight 2015.
The participation fee is 4800 SEK + VAT, ( US $660) for members of these Lighting design associations.

Registration fee Students
Student fee is 500 SEK + VAT, ( US $68  )

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Registration members  OISTAT members, SLF, AILD, ALD, SDS, TL, SVÄL
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For more information contact: 
Anders Larsson, anders.larsson@stdh – chairman of SLF, and/or
Ulf Nielsen, ulf.nielsen@stagevision.se – projectleader.