Lighting Design Sub-commission

2018 Lighting Design Sub-commission Meeting Schedule

Mar 29, 2018

OISTAT Lighting Design Group
Meeting in Malmö, Sweden
With Scandlight – Scandinavian Lighting Conference 
June 1 - 6, 2018

ScandLight is a once every three years lighting conference held in Malmö, Sweden, specifically aimed at lighting designers from Scandinavia.
The OSITAT Lighting Design sub-comissionn will hold a meeting associated with this conference.  OISTAT members will receive a registration discount for the Scandlight activities, which include theatre backstage tours including the Ystad theatre which was newly rebuilt using traditional baroque machinery, as well as Drama and Opera houses in Copenhagen and a visit to the Theatre Museum at the Royal Theatre Copenhagen.
June 1-6 2018
June 1 Arrival Day
June 2 visit Ystad theatre with newly installed baroque stage Equipment
June 2 OISTAT Lighting Group and Welcome Dinner
June 3 visit Drama Theatre Copenhagen, Theatre Museum at Royal Theatre Copenhagen, Royal Opera House, see performance of Swan Lake and do back stage tours
June 4, 5,6 Conference workshops and presentations from International Lighting experts and designers.
Topics will include:
Virtually reality, Live Chroma Key for the Stage, holographic images, visualization for the stage and motion capture, as well as a series of presentations on lighting themes to understand issues from international experts from Czech, Finland, USA, Philippines, and Hong Kong.
For more information www.scandlight.nu