Lighting Design Sub-commission

Lighting Design Sub-commission|Mission

Dec 26, 2011
Welcome to the Lighting Design Group (LDG)

LDWG is the Lighting Designers Group and was established in Bregenz at the meeting of the Scenography Commission(later known as "Performance Design") where Henk van der Geest was elected as Head of the working group. At the PQ'03 the fist program was run as part of the Scenofest: workshops in the 1:4 model theatre. The next PQ promises to be another big exposure for the LDWG and we will have meetings in order to prepare the programme.

The goal of the LDG is the representative in the Scenography Commission of OISTAT to promote issues of lighting design, initiate projects and organise meetings, seminars, workshops, lectures and presentations for international professionals and students in the theatre. It is important to understand the practice and the variety caused by cultural differences, not to equalize the differences but to understand and respect these and to unite people in their cultural differences.The LDG is active in the Scenography Commission as well as on its own.

Mission statement of the LDG

LDG is a non-profit international platform for lighting designers from al over the world connecting individuals as well as possible existing national/regional organisations of lighting designers. The mission is to grow understanding, respect and a sense of quality in the work and spread of lighting design in the world of live theatre and performing arts. It is also meant to enhance the relationship and collaboration between the other artistic members of the team that creates theatre. Lighting as a separate distinctive contribution to the theatre.