Space Design Sub-commission

2015 Space Design Group Meeting Minutes

Jun 18, 2015

Prague, Czech Republic
18 June 2015, 16:30

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In Attendance:
1. Reija Hirvikoski (FIN) 10. Linz Huang (TPE) 19. Tali Itzhaki (ISR)
2. Marketa Fantova (USA) 11. Aby Cohen (BRA) 20. Tina Klitzing (GER)
3. Rob Eastman-Mullins (USA) 12. Dinesh Yadav (IND) 21. Ichiro Takada (JPN)
4. Fiona Watt (GBR) 13. Beth Weinstein (USA) 22. Mikio Ogawa (JPN)
5. Inês de Carvalho (POR) 14. Yaron Abulafia (NED) 23. Sampo Pyhälä (FIN)
6. José Luis Ferrara (ESP) 15. Pegi Marshall (USA) 24. Miodrag Tabacki (SRB)
7. Steffen Aarfing (DEN) 16. Matthew Allar (USA) 25. Tuuli Ahonen (FIN)
8. Jacobus Lam (TPE) 17. Tom Burch (USA) 26. Lydia Chang (TPE)
9. Yu-Huang Chang (TPE) 18. Avraham Oz (ISR)  
Members not present in the meeting:
1. Dorita Hannah (NZL) 4. Peter Ruthven Hall (GBR) 7. Sattva-Hanna Toivianen (FIN)
2. Kalle Ropponen (FIN) 5. Monica Raya (MEX) 8. Jorge Palinhos (POR)
3. Raisa Kilpeläinen (FIN) 6. Anna Sinkkonen (FIN) 9. Takis (GRE)



Notes taken by Rob Eastman-Mullins                                                                

Addendum: José Luis Ferrara’s notes from the meeting follow below.
Some concepts expressed by the participants in their interventions:
- A time before MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) – Explore new materials.
- Space-Politics:
   Space is the main subject, you start with a space.
   All the areas eventually come into space.
- The qualities of space:
   Sound space
   virtual space
   ....but there is no space without light: light space (as a concept).
- The way to communicate space.
- The experience designing for a modern dance company: discovering the
   diagonal both in 2D and 3D: a changed vision of the performance space.
- The third dimension of space is movement.
- India: OISTAT pushing the boundaries Far East – another way of defining space
   Can we work without technology? Going back to the origins of theatre.
- Giving a form to space: ..."it is about relations"
   This group she finds overwhelming.....
   "to make space visible to others"
- PQ as an example of a city "becoming" a conference:
   performances all over – creating spaces.
- What would make this group unique? (That other groups wouldn't do).
- Schools moving away from professionals that are active.
- space vs. environment.
- OISTAT structure: slow, formal...so difficult to do things: as a group we can do things.