Space Design Sub-commission

2017 Space Design Meeting Minutes, Taipei, Taiwan

Jul 6, 2017

Meeting Minutes:
Thursday, 6 June 2017 @ 5:30pm
Taipei National University of the Arts, R210 

Chairs: Fiona Watt & Rob Eastman-Mullins
Attendance recorded separately
Minutes: Brad Caleb Lee

I.    Introductions – all parties present introduced themselves

II.  Leadership:

a. Our proposed structure
 i.      Elected for 4 year terms at WSD
 ii.     Can be combination of Co-chairs or Chair with vice-chairs for support
 iii.     Limit 2 consecutive terms

b. It was unanimously agreed that Rob & Fiona should continue to lead this group as co-chairs at this time having been involved with the proposal for this group since 2014.

c. José highlighted that information from previous meetings are available on the OISTAT website

III.  Structure
a. Simona gave an overview of how the Costume Sub-commission operates
 i.     Very active members
 ii.    Chair and vice-chairs keep momentum moving while curating and managing group presentations/groups/events
 iii.    Mix of workshops, lectures, “flash talks” and day trips

b. Marketa reminded everyone that SDSC is very young compared to other groups
 i.      SDSC only formed in 2013
 ii.     Costume SC did not do any activities the first 3 years of its existence

c. Fiona proposed possible stages of development using a timeline linked from OISTAT 50th birthday celebrations in Cardiff in August/September 2018 through PQ to the next WSD in 2021.

IV. Defining Group
a.  Group will not define itself (mission/aims, etc…) at this time,
b.  Would like to plan some activities that are under the broad interests of the group and then use those events to build the definition, aims and objectives of the group. From the timeline, 2020 would appear to be a good year in which to consolidate documentation of activities to date as we also formalize any contribution of activities we would like to make to WSD 2021.

V.  Activities
a.  It was agreed that all projects will be focused on practice over theory. Play over talk!

b.  Cardiff
 i.  Will be short gathering, only 4 days, and have not gotten brief/calls for participation yet so unsure the format and desired projects
 ii. At most we will aim for one day of activities (this could be a series of meetings/activities that cumulatively amount to 1 day) possibly including

c.   PQ19 – will be involved somehow, but will wait for calls from PQ to work collaboratively for best results

VI.  Moving Forward:
a.  Will be engaging in conversations virtually
 i.   Email List
 ii.  Facebook Groups – a closed group for those in attendance and a more open forum for sharing information and activities more widely will be established and maintained.

b.  Each member should consider for themselves “What is space design?”

c.  Cross-discipline conversations are a priority – especially with Architects

d.  Great interest in “Stockholm Project” (2008) which brought designers and architects together in groups to debate ‘Why can’t theatre architects build spaces that theatre designers want to work in? What would the perfect theatre space look like?

The ‘World Café’ and Open Space models were referred to as mechanisms for active and playful engagement.

e.  Rough Calendar
 i.  Feb 2018: Call for Cardiff will be distributed
 ii.  Aug 2019: OISTAT 50th Celebrations Cardiff
 iii.  June 2019: PQ (more information coming)
 iv.  2020: Year of reflection and writing
 v.  August 2021 WSD

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