Space Design Sub-commission

2016 Space Design Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Mar 16, 2016

Minutes from the OISTAT Space Design Group Annual Meeting

Meeting led by Rob Eastman-Mullins for Reija Hirvikoski
Called to order at 2:45 pm (MST)

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In attendance:

R. Eastman-Mullins, C. Walling, T. Burch, F. Zahir, G. Sturm, M. Ramsaur, Y. Abulafia, P. Marshall, K.Rigdon, T. Vintu, S. Crowley, B.C. Lee, J. Maeckelbergh, S. Pyhälä, N. Kovacs, M. Virasková, G. Vogel, A.Viczo, I. Roussanoff, N. Ularu, M. Kizer (there were a few others in attendance, however, they arrived after the sign-in sheet circled the room).

Following the approval of the minutes from the Space Design Group meeting in Prague (June 2016), Rob Eastman-Mullins asked that these minutes include recognition of the OISTAT Space Design Group presentations made the previous day.

They were Fereshteh Rostampour (USA), Nora Patricia Kovacs (Hungary) and Gregor Sturm (Germany), as well as the very popular inflatables workshop led by Sampo Pyhälà (Finland).


World Stage Design 2017 – Taipei, Taiwan (July 2017)
Workshop/Presentation/Panel proposals should be submitted directly to Reija Hirvikoski, who will collect and forward suggestions to the Taiwanese WSD organizers. Such items should be submitted to Reija by 31. March 2016.

Submissions for exhibits and other events will open in May 2016 and will close in September 2016, with notifications in December 2016.

There will be a Space Design Group meeting in Taipei during WSD, the date/time/location is still being figured out, but will be posted on the SpDG page on OISTAT’s website once confirmed.

OISTAT Research Commission – Stockholm, Sweden (June 2016)
Carl Walling brought up that the upcoming meeting is seeking presentations/panels on Pictorial Illusion. Submissions must be made by April 1.


Beijing International Biennale – November 2016 
Michael Ramsaur brought up the upcoming Beijing International Biennale. They are seeking pairings of design students and teachers to travel to China in November 2016 to participate in group design/performance events. Travel to China isn’t covered, but most costs within China are. In the past, there have been between 20-25 schools represented, from 15-20 countries. They wish to expand these numbers. Further information can be obtained by contacting Michael Ramsaur.

OISTAT at 50
Sean Crowley brought up that he is hoping to organize a gathering in Cardiff in 2018 to celebrate 50 years of OISTAT. This event is still in early planning stages but will likely be during the summer of 2018. More info will be made available when possible.

Online Gallery
Given the interest in the “Space for Performance” Challenge that Reija proffered at the Prague meeting, the idea was floated that we should have a “Post Your Work” Challenge. Pursuant to this, it was discussed that the SpDG would like to explore having an online gallery so that we could share our design work/websites/class projects. A closed Facebook group was discussed, as were various other internet-based options. Rob Eastman-Mullins said that he would investigate some possibilities, and report back to the group. 

Space Design Group Programming Ideas
Following conversations at this and other sessions, it was noted that there is a desire for the SpDG to have programming and events of its own, following along the rubric used by the very active OISTAT Costume Group, and USITT’s Costume Commission. It was suggested that anyone making a suggestion should do further research into their ideas and bring those findings back to the group.

Suggestions were:

Igor Roussanoff suggested the potential of working with the Institute of Research of Modern Art in Kiev, Ukraine. It is his understanding that they are seeking opportunities to connect internationally with art and artists, and might be interested in a partnership for an event/symposium/performances.

Nic Ularu suggested a potential exhibit/symposium on stage design as part of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, Romania, which happens in May/June of each year. 

Matt Kizer is interested in finding international academic programs to partner with him in a variation of the Greek Trilogy project that he did at his own institution a few years ago. The idea being that three colleges would each mount part of Greek Trilogy and would travel to each venue, sharing process and performance.

Pegi Marshall suggested investigating a “field trip” to venues and performances in France, inspired by Jean-Guy Lecat’s work and legacy.


There will be a SpDG meeting at the Conference on Theatre Architecture in Andalucia, in Sevilla, Spain 20-through-23-OCTOBER-2016.

There will be a SpDG meeting at World Stage Design 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, 1-through-7-JULY-2017. Precise date and locale TBA.

The meeting adjourned at 3:58pm (MST) with a group picture taken outside of the Salt Lake City Downtown Hilton hotel.

Respectfully submitted by Tom Burch
Edited 28. April, 2016