Costume Design Sub-commission

Call for Papers and Presentation for 2014 Costume Design Group Meeting

Oct 23, 2013

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Conservation and Restoration of Costume and Textile
An international conference held by
Chassépark Breda
Parade 12-14
4811 DZ Breda
Friday 4 April 2014

Breda’s Museum invites abstracts for papers for the conference “Conservation and Restoration of Costume and Textile”, which will be held on Friday 4 April 2014 in Breda.

The conference will explore research and treatment, handling and display of historical theatre/film costumes and preservation of textiles. Topics should include, but are not limited to, challenging or innovative conservation projects, examining the issues faced and solutions found to deliver these projects. Papers highlighting ethical, display and handling issues are also encouraged.

Abstracts should include the purpose or aim of the project, the methodology, the principle findings and a conclusion. Also inform about time needed for the presentation. If more than one speaker is involved in the presentation, please ensure that names, addresses and contact details of all authors are included, and indicate who the main contact and speaker will be.

Conference language: English

Abstracts, counting no more than 300 words and specifying the format, audiovisual requirements and time needed for the presentation, should be e-mailed by 1 December 2013 to Tina Matulessy <omatulessy@breda-museum.nl>, Head Textile Conservation at Breda’s Museum.


Costume Design in Performance

International presentations offered to theatreurope on Thursday 3 April in Brussels and Saturday 5 April in Antwerp.

In Antwerp as well as in Brussels we want to offer presentations for students as well as professionals in Costume Design, as prove of international OISTAT support to local education and profession.

There is no strict subject definition, you just send an abstract, counting no more than 300 words, that explain the content of your presentation. The average time for each presentation is planned to be 30 minutes. Please specify the format, expected time needed, and mention the audiovisual requirements of the presentation. This should be e-mailed by 1 December 2013 to Jerome Maeckelbergh <theatermacker@pandora.be>, Contact person of theatreurope