2021 OISTAT Education Week

Jun 30, 2021

Please join the Education Commission of OISTAT for a second online conference this July.  Last year we spent a great deal of time discussing plans to prepare for global online delivery of theatre education.  This year, we will celebrate some of the successful ways colleagues around the world found to effectively deliver theatre courses & stage productions during the pandemic.  We will also discuss diversity & colonization, along with two sessions about preserving mental health during these stressful times.


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Session 1

Time Agenda Presenters
13:00-13:03 Introduction to the week.
Kick-off discussion of the topics planned for the week.
William Kenyon
OISTAT Education Chair
13:03-13:30 Canon Project
A new look at teaching history & representing information.
- Anders Larsson
- Chris van Goethem

OISTAT Education Vice-Chairs
13:30-14:00 Virtual Training Tools for Theatre Technicians
Students from Beuth Hochschule Berlin and the team of digital.DTHG developed several prototypes for using Virtual Reality in education of theatre technicians.
- Pablo Dornhege
- Lea Schorling

14:00-14:30 Teaching Set Design Online
The use of online resources such as Google Sketchup, EdModo and EdPuzzle that helped maintain the contact between students and teachers as well as continue the learning process on theatre design during the lockdown in Seville (Spain), allowing students to continue working on projects that were meant to have their debut during lockdown.
- Eufrasio Lucena-Muñoz 
- Lucy Derheimer Applewhite

ESAD Sevilla
14:30-15:00 Rethinking creative education in the Philippines through cyberspace: The Case of Benilde’s Arts and Culture Cluster
This presentation will share how the Arts & Culture cluster was able to shift to online learning while overcoming the challenges of diverse localities, while also embracing sustainable practices.
- Ma. Magdalena de Leon
- Alain Zedrick Camiling 

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

Session 2

Time Agenda Presenter
01:00-02:30 Faculty Mental Health
Practices for Preserving & Promoting Faculty Mental Health during and after the pandemic.
Andrea Heilman
California Lutheran Univ.

Session 3

Time Agenda Presenters
13:30-14:00 A Ghost of an Intermission
Students were challenged to come up with an “outside lighting event which could include actors, music (or not) but where lighting had to be the main design element. The success of the project will be discussed, along with the surprise topics found along the way.
- Kathe DeVault
- Emma Sherban

Ohio Northern University
14:00-14:30 Adapting Live Performance during COVID
How the Royal Welsh College adapted and continued making live performance during the pandemic, all while working in Wales’ Covid parameters which we significantly stricter that England alongside their blended learning. During this year, they produced 3 films, 2 musicals, 4 operas, 18 drama productions, and a puppetry performance.
- Sean Crowley
- Ian Evans

14:30-15:30 Happy Hour
Opportunity for small-group discussion of topics of interest, reflection on the presentations so far, and social time.
William Kenyon
OISTAT Education Chair

Session 4

* This session will be postponed to the end of July, 2021. Please stay tuned with OISTAT website for further information.

Time Agenda Presenter
01:00-02:30 Student Mental Health
Practices for Preserving & Promoting Student Mental Health during and after the pandemic. This is presented for students, but faculty are welcomed & encouraged to attend as well.
Andrea Heilman
California Lutheran Univ.

Session 5

Time Agenda Presenters
13:00-13:30 Alexa Project
The Alexa Project was conceived as a live performance that would allow the Design & Technical students to continue to train & push technical boundaries while not using any live cast members.
- Jonathan Langberg
- Sydney Smith

Penn State University
13:30-14:00 Projects for Teaching Lighting Online
This session will explore how many lighting educators moved their classes online. How did they change current projects or create new ones to teach a subject that is traditionally taught hands on. It will explore the resources that are available for educators.
- Todd Proffitt
- Heather Brown

14:00-14:30 Normalisation of remote teaching and the student return to Live Event industry
Comparison of student experiences in an existing undergraduate program along with a brand-new post-graduate program started during the pandemic.
- Aby Cohen
- Graham Thorne
- Phil Adlam

Backstage Academy
14:30-15:00 From “Forced Memories” to “The Portrait Project”.

This presentation is about a unique collaboration that most likely would have never happened without the Covid-19 pandemic between two Universities in Greece & Canada; unique experiences under paradoxical conditions sometimes open our minds, creating alternative visions.
- Emmanouela Vogiatzaki Krukowski
University of Peloponnese
- Kathryn Bracht
University of Regina

Session 6

Time Agenda Presenter
01:00-02:30 Student Feedback & Discussion
We invite students to come and share their experiences of training during COVID. What things went well? What would you want to change? What things should we return to doing the old way, and what things should we keep from this experience? Student-only breakout rooms will be created to facilitate the discussions, and faculty are welcome to join as well to hear the feedback at the end.
William Kenyon
OISTAT Education Chair

Session 7

Time Agenda Presenters
13:00-13:30 Explorations of Digital Platforms to Augment Learning and Extend Theatrical Practices 
This presentation will discuss the various methods undertaken by the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Theater Arts program to enhance learning through a series of curated webinars and to extend the possibilities of student theatrical practices by experimenting with interactive digital and social media platforms, which resulted in two interactive web-based productions that sought to incorporate conventional theatrical elements in the audience experience.
- Eric Villanueva Dela Cruz
- Kyla Isabel Ravago

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
13:30-14:00 Decolonization of Teaching
A critical look at the smaller effects of colonization of teaching, and how to decolonize choices & thoughts in academia.
- Anders Larsson
- Chris van Goethem

OISTAT Education Vice-Chairs
14:00-15:00 Diversity Round Table
Diversity & teaching technical theatre.  We welcome participants from around the world to share how (the lack of) diversity affects teaching in different countries, and how efforts at diversity are manifested.
- Anders Larsson
- Chris van Goethem

OISTAT Education Vice-Chairs

Session 8

Time Agenda Presenters
01:00-01:30 Perspectives of Space: Paper to Digital
This session will address how the shift to digital media challenged and strengthened the effectiveness of learning outcomes with regard to teaching 3D design.
- Gion DeFrancesco 
- Lauren Lewis
- Haley Sieg

Miami University (Ohio)
01:30-02:00 Closing Discussion
Wrap-up of the week of events & plans for the future of the OISTAT Education Commission.
William Kenyon
OISTAT Education Chair
02:00-03:00 Happy Hour
Opportunity for small-group discussion of topics of interest, reflection on the presentations so far, and social time.
William Kenyon
OISTAT Education Chair