Announcement of TIP 2022 Winners

Apr 7, 2022

We are pleased to announce the Prize Winners of Technical Invention Prize 2022 and selected entries for the exhibition and the catalogue. The Prize-winning and selected entries for TIP 2022 will be exhibited at 2022 Technical Invention Prize Exhibition during 2022 World Stage Design on August 6-16 at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Canada.

The catalogue of the Technical Invention Prize 2022 will be published in August, 2022. Thanks to all the applicants for participating in Technical Invention Prize 2022.


Members of the Jury

Joaquin Jose Aranda (Philippines) - Jury Head
Chin-Yuan Eugene Yang (Taiwan)
Gerry van Hezewyk (Canada)
Laura Van Haperen (The Netherlands)
Leslie Biles (Canada)
Loren Schreiber (USA)
Ivo Kersmaekers (Belgium)
Hao En Hu (Taiwan)
Heikki Örn (Finland)
Majekodunmi Ben Femi (Nigeria)
Rae Wu (Hong Kong)
Verda Beth Martell (USA)


2022 Technical Invention Prize Winners

First Prize
HO, Cathy Ka Po & LO, Yan Yi Stephanie (Hong Kong)

Soldering Wire Holder

Second Prize
THIRY, Joris (Belgium)

Acoustic Circles

Third Prize

3D-printed Cable Hook for I-Beam


Selected Entries for the Exhibition

COOPER, Richard (UK)
Stage Case

HSU Chi-Hsiung (Taiwan)
The TIP! Small Gear-motor Winches with Solenoids controlled by DMX

Remote Arbor Inspection Tools

SAAR, Mart & KUZNETSOV, Roman & AGURAIUJA, Tõnu & TALL, Pärtel (Estonia)
The Glass-breaking Table

CLARKE, Christopher & Hong, Kuo Jian & LEE Bee Bee & HONG, Siah Tiong (Singapore)
XIMI (read as See Me)

HO, Cathy Ka Po and LO, Yan Yi Stephanie (Hong Kong)
Confetti Machine


Selected Entries for the Catalogue

TAMAYAO, Esperino & Jr., SARMIENTO, Sharon & ROSABAN, Elias & Jr., BARDELAS Filbert (Philippines)
Compact LED Stage Marker (CLSM with Switch)

SAAR, Mart & SEPP, Urmas & TALL, Pärtel (Estonia)
Confette (money) Shooting Samovar

THIRY, Joris (Belgium)
Static LED PAR Frost

SULLIVAN Andrew & KEDLE, Andy & GROGAN, Mike (USA)
L.E.D Candles

HUGENROTH, Jan (Germany)
Batten (wood) Endlessly extendable for Drop

TIMMENGA, Nicholas (Canada)
Raspberry Pi Twitter Doorbell