Call for Panelists|Expanded Scenography in the Global South – Residual Spaces and Materials in Performative Power

Apr 12, 2022


This is a call to participate in the panel “Expanded scenography in the Global South – Residual spaces and materials in performative power”, curated by the Brazilian scenographer and researcher Renato Bolelli Rebouças.

How do we situate ourselves as artists concerning the different contexts in which we operate? 

Confronting the stage making and its tradition in internal spaces – coming from the European and North American culture – would it be possible to conceive an expanded scenographic epistemology from a South global perspective, connected with the environment and our realities? 

Reflecting the permanent destruction in countries like Brazil – which come from the colonial period – this panel investigates the performative power of discarded and residual places, objects, and materials as a condition and possibility, sharing different perspectives combining spatial intervention, politics, waste production and performance.

The call is open for scenographers, artists, researchers, and professors from different countries of the Southern Hemisphere, with a particular interest in Latin American countries. Also, we are looking for project experiences that use residual spaces and materials in many ways and may contribute to reflecting on the panel’s main subject.

Application Deadline: June 1st, 2022.